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UM2 Machine shuts down when trying to heat the bed

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It looks like my machine (Ultimaker2) shuts off when I tries to heat the bed, as in the following video:


The oscilloscope is showing the input voltage which drops to 20V just before the printer restarts.

When it is not connected, the machine doesn't shuts off, and I can clearly see the heater bed connectors going from 0 to 24V.

Note that I can heat the nozzle without any issue.

What can be the cause of this? Any Idea?

I've also measured my hot bed resistor which is 3.3Ohms, is that normal?

That would mean that 7A should be consumed by the bed to heat? It sounds a lot, knowing that the power supply is only 10A.

Additional info: the power supply blue led light is lower when the problem happens, can be its fault?


I'm trying to print with cold bed, seems to works so far, I think the problem is the power supply

I've ordered a 720W (24V/30A) PSU from eBay to try replacing it

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either the heated bed has died but I'm putting my money on the flux.. try reheating the solder joints.


In this case it would just not heat, right? Why would it shut down?

Moreover, is 3.3ohms right?


I've had a machine here that would also shut down as soon as the bed heated up because of bad connections. hence my suggestion and my correct guess of the age of the machine ;) seems machines that are now 1,5 to 2 years old are suffering from weak solder joints in the heated bed..

don't know the Ohm's by heart to be honest

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