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Print detaches from table in Ultimaker 2 GO :(

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Hi everyone!

Greetings from Poland! :)

I have problem with my new UM 2 GO. :(

When I try to print things which don't have too big area 'connected' with the table at their first layers

after some time of print they just detach from table and I have to abort the print....

I tried to print on blue tape, on glass with glue ( both things from original package get from Ultimaker ),

I changed speed ( print first layer without fan and VERY slow, but it stil doesn't help! :(

For example - I can't print this model:


Could somebody tell me please what I'm doing wrong...?

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Blue tape only with no glue should work just fine.

Clean the bluetape with isopropyl alcohol first as it has a wax coating on it which needs removing.

Try that. It is doesn't work then try releveling the bed a bit closer. You can also try a slightly higher nozzle temp to help it stick and after the first layer lower it back down slowly.

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