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Resizing in Cura

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I am about to try and help a friend by printing a part of a robot he is after.

Have received the print design, and when I import into Cura I get sizes of 159/108.3/14.6mm...but he needs the size to be 134.6/66/10.2.

How do I resize? do i just type these dimension in there and it will resize itself?

Also, in the current design there are some screw holes....if I resize, will these holes also get resized so they wont fit the right screw type anymore?


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Yes you just type in the size and it will change. you may have to unlock the keep uniform scale to get all the exact dimensions you need.

But all the screw holes will also be adjusted so they wont work. Do you only have the STL or do you have access to the original design file as it will probably be best to edit the design.

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In a word yes that is all you do, you need to unlock the Uniform Scale. Alternatively if you know that the reduction in scale is the same across all three axes is the same then leave the Uniform Scale locked and just enter one value.

As for the holes, well it probably depends on why Cura is showing the measurements incorrectly but I assume the holes in Cura are now too big and that the rescale will bring them back close to what they were and probably they will be OK.

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