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Please help me with nozzle screw solutions!

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Im not sure how to word this, I'm new to 3d printing and I'm actually a hairdresser so please advise using lay man terms as I'm sure some technical words are beyond me!

I have an Ultimaker 2 Extended and was printing pretty steadily for 2 months, however then i started getting clogging, I'm not sure if its because i switched PLA to ABs and back etc. I did a few atomic pulls and it seemed to clear up but then it was clogging up again. So i then looked up how to remedy it and i followed a video to dismantle the nozzle part, then i was able to clear out some of the nozzle with a pokey tool and acetone. Then when i heat up and push abs through it was going through perfectly... Then i tried to screw everything back together and the heat nozzle screw, the one with the six holes out of the rim just wouldn't screw back on. so somehow the nozzle screw is damaged as the six holed one screws onto my new nozzle fine.... Sorry this is so long winded.. So then i was like then ill just replace the whole nozzle. However the screw that holds in the two sensors to the nozzle piece won't turn with the hex key. The 3 hex keys was able to dismantle everything except this one screw. Ive tried using pliers to turn it to no avail. Then i tried superglueing the hex key into the screw to get some grip but it just came loose..

Im sorry this was so long winded but don't know how else to describe my problem. I really hope someone has an idea on how i can remove that one screw!!!

Thank you so so much for any input and advice!!

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Switching between ABS & PLA is always difficult. ABS bits get stuck in the nozzle and when printing with PLA they don't get quite hot enough to be pushed out of the nozzle.

I usually print at a higher temperature after i've switched from ABS in oder to purge the nozzle.

I don't have that much experience with dismantling the hotend, but i'm pretty sure others here can help you with that.

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Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum.

To rule out any uncertainties, could you post a picture of your hot end and point out which screw is stuck?

I think I know which one you are talking about, but it wouldn't be the first time where we ended up talking about completely different parts ;)

Like Nallath says, switching from ABS to PLA is not the best idea and should come with a sufficient amount of cleaning.

Have you switched to an Olsson Block?

If so, here you can find the manual on how to finish the assembly.

I think going at it with a pair of pliers is probably your best bet, or alternatively you could also use a file or some kind to make a new engravement in the top so your screwdriver has a better/new grip.

Good luck! Keep us updated.

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Thank you so so much for your help!!! I managed to finally turn it with these special pliers but then i couldn't remove the temperature sensor and eventually after much twisting and heat up and cool downs - it snapped! So now i must learn to change the temperature sensor wire ha.

I really hope this is the last of the issues i have!!

Thanks again for your help!!!

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Hi @Chelly005, have you already ordered a new sensor or contacted your reseller?

Did it come out of the heaterblock of is one part still in?

Well, I can imagine this was not the course of actions you had envisioned, but from the bright side, you are getting a speed-training in knowing the machine from the inside and outside ;)

Very valuable lessons :)

Let me know if you need any further help!

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Hi Sander!

I tried replacing everything and then the nozzle screw went wonky again so i couldn't get the hot end insulator to screw on. this happened on both... is the tread meant to be so fragile? I really don't have that much strength!

Now I'm just screwed as i have two broken nozzles..

Please advice what i should do now? Just order new parts?

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