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Blaah! Problems with the feeder UM2

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Hi guys!

I had these problems before the story below, and that's why i changed the components i mention below.

I just managed to fit my Olsson block kit and now it seems like i have some feeder problems (once again)

I fitted the kit with the 0.4mm nozzle and it seemed to work fine on a print,....until it didn't any more.

I'm using ColorFabb Basic Black filament, and I have used it several times.

Somehow, I feel the when the spools go past half the way, I'm getting issues, that go away when i change to a fresh one. No idea why so, but it seems to be the way it goes.

Back to the issue.

I change the filamet, and the printer pulls it out like butter.

I put new one in, and it pulls it up right away.

Then, when i try to use the "move material" command, and turn the wheel, the god damn feeder only grings the hell out of the filament.

Now I can't print at all, as the feeder won't feed the filament.

I opened it up and cleaned it. -> Nope

I have the white marker on the top of the opening -> Nope

I try the other end, so the white is on the bottom of the opening ->Nope

I changed to 0.5 RST nozzle -> Nope.

The knurled thing is tight and won't move around.

I'm printing at 215-218C  40mm/s the filament above.

is the feeder just plain dead, or is the ColorFabb filament changing it's properties as it sits?

I have had that spool on the printer for some 2 months MAX, and the printer in my bedroom, so it's not that moist either.

I don't even hear the feeder skipping any more. It just grinds,

But why does it still feed the filament in high speed, when changing the filament?

I fitted the Olsson Block today, the 3D solex Bowden in full length, the temp sensor as the old one ripped. and the clips for the bowden.

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Do i understand well that when you change your filament it comes out with no problems, but after i doesn't come out anymore?

How is your Teflon coupler looking?


Yeah, yesterday, i installed new filament. The feeder works great. Then when i start to print, the damn feeder just grinds the filament and will not move the filament. I fitted the 3d solex teflon and new metal coupler too. Everything is new.

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Hmm maybe check all the points from this page

If the filament is grinded it must block somewhere


I managed to get the feeder to feed the filament, but it seems like it's not working 100%

I adjusted the white indicator to the middle of the opening, and now it prints.

Still have some issues, as the print fails after an hour, as the layers start to separate. Printed the same model twice and the problem hits in at the very same spot. I now turned the whole model other way around, and see if it manage to print the whole thing.

I ordered the Bondtech extruder for the printer, so hopefully the feeder problems are gone now!


what do you guys think?

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I had a simlar problem which I concluded was caused by the filament 'remembering' it had been tightly wound on the reel - so only a problem for the last quarter of the reel, I proved this to myself by winding the fiament onto a larger diameter container and heating it in water near to boiling point. The fialment 'remembered' a larger diameter size and printed fine afterwards.

I have just last weekend installed the BondTech QR feeder system and its just amazing I can now print at much faster speeds with any nozzle size I like. The print quality is incredible, I have got upto 100mm/s speeds, it also works very well with flexible filament

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It seems that when i go over 50% on a spool of that ColorFabb basic PLA, the god damn filamenthas some tight bends etc on it.  It just ain't good imho.

Hopefully i get the extruder soon, so i can start to print without my blood pressure rising above the roof


hmm. I feel this problem is usually much worse with pure pla... compared to the softer Colorfabb....

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