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Temperature not set

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Posted · Temperature not set


I have an Untimaker 2 Extended, and I'm using Cura for slicing. As we know, temperature in this machine is material dependent, so when we change material we set the temperature for that material. I'm only using PLA, so I never change the settings.

The problem is that in some prints, the printer remembers this temperature, and some times doesn't. I have not found a pattern, but I even think that sometimes with the same gcode has done it or not.

So, sometimes when I go to print the temperature is at 210, but others (ultimately almost all the times) I have to change the temperature. And for going from 0 to 210 you have to tirn the wheel a lot of times. :(

Any ideas?


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Posted (edited) · Temperature not set

It's bad for PLA and especially ABS to sit at full temperature for a few minutes - it can cause clogging as the material is slowly baked into a gum.  For PLA it can be at full temperature for longer - maybe 10 mintues or 30 minutes.  For ABS even one minute might be too much.

Because of this, the UM2 heats up the bed first.  Only when the bed is close to final temperature does the nozzle start heating up.  So if you just wait a little longer you will see the nozzle "goal" temp suddenly change to 210C.

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