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Has anyone tried any of the E3D dual extruders

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Did not try any of those, only regular v6, which imo are of a great quality.

Some things to consider:

- With the proper dual head you will get a bit bulkier print head, a bit smaller print area and possibly slower movement. It is also the more expensive approach with two of everything (heaters, thermistors, heat blocks, wires, etc).

On the plus side you have the flexibility of running widely different temps. on each head, which would be a requirement for different material characteristics...

- The "two in, one out" approach is the cheaper and slightly simpler solution... Less components = less things to go wrong.

It would typically limit you to print with the same type of material on both feed lines, since you cannot adjust temperature for these individually...

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My ultimate plan is to be able to use water soluable filament for supports, I have a filament company near me who are trying new materials so would like a dual head printer


Im assuming the support material in question is HIPS, which would be able to go in the same block/nozzle as ABS (they print at about the same temperatures and are similar in characteristics), PLA and HIPS in the same heatblock/nozzle would be out of the question with the "two in - one out" approach...

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Has the dual extruder not been a success on the ultimaker I seem to be reading a lot of negaitives about it


I don't really know... I never looked much into it.

My personal view on dual extrusion (and this is my own and not to be considered general in any way), is that the complications currently outweigh the benefits.

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