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Dissoluble Metal Ball Fixture.

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These machined metal spheres will dissolve most liquids. Acid, water and even air will break these down.

The test shown in the video was in a 15% concentrate of acid.

I was hoping the sphere would stay seated in the printed stand for the filming, but the ball took off with the violent reaction. Eventually gas attached to the sides and floated the plastic.  You can even see the ball start to float from the creation of gas. The exothermic reaction created about 80C of heat.


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I was testing some unstable metals that are designed to dissolve over a few days in water/oil or in a few minutes in acid. They are mostly used in oil well operations where you can drop a ball and flow fluid down with to set or shift something the ball hits against. Once done you can simply leave the ball/sphere for a few days or a few minutes depending on the fluid around and it will dissolve/reduce, or be brought back up to the surface with flow.

I printed the black stand for the ball with a side vent, but it ended up too violent and it just blew off the stand and didn't really do its job. Eventually the amount of gas created just caused the ball to float. It did not effect the test, just made it difficult to film/document.


I think I need a little bit of help.. what am I looking at right now? :p


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