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EMI Interference shielding for wires?

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Hi everyone,

i added tree Fans and some LEDs to my Ultimaker. (on their own power scource)

Even though i twisted all wires nicely, i withnessed shifted prints when i turned the system on.

EMI Interference seems to be the problem.

its like having interfering steppermotor and endstop cables..

So i asked myself if someone alredy solved this problem somehow.. maybe tested some shielding like this:

http://www.hollandshielding.com/223-R_F ... eld-en.htm

because i dont want to wire everything on seperated ways down to the powerscource.


Yvo W.

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what do you mean by hiding my mechanical problem? its not hiding if the problem is gone completetly. isnt it?

i didnt knew that i had a mechanical problem... since the mechanics work perfectly smooth and my prints actually turn out to be quite perfect.

What do you suggest me to do? i got the hardware triple checked now..

raise the Steppermotor power?

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I had quite some good prints now and the problems didnt came back..

so i guesss it was eigther EMI, Printsspeed, or temporary Gcode failures..

on Hardware side, i didnt change more than the cables...

The Rods are lubricated with sewingmachine oil..

We had EMI problems in my printer workshop in Newzealand. but only on one of two Ultimakers.

Endstopcables were put directly on axis stepper motor cables and that will result in errors...

It was solved easily by redoing the wirelayout on the bottom of the ultimaker.

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