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Ultimaker 2 clone parts?

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I've always wanted an ultimaker 2 printer but the price of it was too much for me. I've see clones of the printer but the sites they are on don't have a lot of info on them. So here's my question: where can I get ultimaker 2 parts like hardware and electronics? It would be very helpfull if anyone knows.

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Hi there,

I'm afraid that the official Ultimaker community is not the best place to ask for how to get an illegal version of the printer we all love ;)

You can easily find the Bom for the printer you want (not yet for the + version), it's all available on github. After that you'll have to find the parts yourself. Of course the easiest way is to go through an official reseller to get the parts, all of parts are pretty common to 3dprinters (motors, limit switches, pulleys, belts rods etc...).

You can probably ask for a local company to cut the frames in another material if you want to save some money.

Or go for a UMO + which is a very good printer with everything you need ;)

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