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Easy One: What to do if filament runs out?

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Yes indeed use pause.

With the UM2+ feeder i find it difficult to push one piece of filament with another one.

The easiest way to go is to remove the filament and put a new spool.

If you use the change material procedure, i found out (the hard way) that the priming isn't good enough when you resume the print so i would advise to release the tension in the feeder with the lever and push your filament until it comes out properly.

Then resume the print

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Hey, what happened to Lets make history? ;)

If your filament has already ran out then yes, you would need to open up the bowden at the feeder so you can manually pull it out. But your print is most likely ruined then because your head will continue to move and your Z will continue to drop.

When there is still like 2 cm left you could follow UltiArjans and Didiers tips.

If it completely ran out you could measure the size of your printed model, find that exact same spot in your gcode, delete the toolpath part from the gcode prior to that point and continue the print but that is rather a finicky process.

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