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warped printed layer, new to printing

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Posted (edited) · warped printed layer, new to printing

I am trying to print a PCB using the companies new Ultimaker 2+.  I have never used one before.  I did a few of the items that come on the SD card and decided to try to do some of the items that the company wanted prototyped.   the first PCB (printed circuit board) I did was a bit smaller but turned out ok.  on this board the edge warped.  Are their some guild lines or best practices that I missed with this item?  the fill was set at 15% and the shell thickness was 1.20 (mm)

here is an image of the warped board


and here are a few screen shots of the set up.



any suggestions?

PLA, all "std" fan and heat settings  I was using Cura 15.04.5

I didn't want to just right into a Beta software, but I have downloaded and installed 2.1.1




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Posted · warped printed layer, new to printing

For a better adhesion to the glass plate, when printing with PLA, you might try my "salt method":

- Clean the glass plate with handwarm pure tap water only, no soap.

- Wipe the glass with a tissue moistened with very salt water, and gently keep wiping until it dries and leaves a thin, even mist of salt stuck to the glass.

- Then print your model with the glass heated to 60°C. This gives a very good bonding when hot. For me this works much better than using the glue stick, or than printing on bare glass. I never use brims or rafts, even not for difficult models (except for inverted pyramids, thus top-down). I have only used it with PLA.

- After completion, let the glass plate cool down to room temp (25°C), and then the models will pop-off by themself. No force required.

See the full manual and tips and photos at:


Let us know how well it works for you.


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