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Y Axis problem

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strange problem, the Y axis moves a bit when the Z axis is moving.

What happen at the start of the print, all axis go to 0 (no problem) and the head moves to front left, once the build platform comes up, during the last 2 cm the Y axis moves slowly until it hit the front of the printer and it stops and resets the printer.



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Wow!  Um.  Wow!

I have UM2 upgraded to plus and my firmware doesn't move Y when moving Z.  The UM2 firmware has several "locations" in X,Y,Z.  For example there is one location when priming.  Another location when homing, another when aborting, another when feeding filament and so on.  Those locations are different for each printer (go, extended, normal, ext-plus, normal-plus,  original, etc).  Your "prime the nozzle" location seems not to be exactly above the "lower bed" location.  2 different locations.  On my printer they are at the same spot in XY but different in A - again on your printer the prime spot Y value is right to the very edge of your printing area (or maybe beyond).


One solution would be to get older firmware.  another is to just ignore this as it's not that serious unless you print something that goes to the other end (Y=0?).

But I think the problem is in your homing - If you can get it to home just 2mm further back this problem will go away.  Is the head homing properly in Y?  maybe move the limit switch 2mm further back?

Every printer is a little different - the actual print area varies a few mm from printer to printer but the firmware only lets you go so far. Usually the firmware restricts before the hardware hits something. In your case your print area is smaller for some reason.

Again you can ignore this problem and you should be fine.

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I'd love to see a video of the homing end. Does it hit the Y switch? Is the Y endstop switch crooked? Bent? Normal? Does something else get in the way of the head when it homes Y? Is that step very very noisy becuase it's hitting something?

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I will upload another movie on monday.

The home for all axis works.

The noise you hear is the Y still move and the head keep hitting the case and after a moment it stops and the print is automatic stopped.

I had a couple of printers before but i never saw that any axis moved automatically slowly like this.

as ,mention before. the printer homes ok to all positions, the Y moves the head to it's start position after that the platform moves up and the Y starts to moves at the same time slowly from it's start position



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Yes - I understand. I could see in the video that the Y moves slowly and then it can't go any farther but it keeps trying and the stepper motor misses steps. When a stepper motor misses steps it makes a very loud noise. I'm quite famiar.

The problem is that the postition it's moving to (I believe it's the "prime extruder" position) is past the end of your printer. So either a bug in the firmware (wrong location) or your printer is smaller. Or both.

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