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How can I slow down the Layer:2 WALL-INNER Feedrate

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The first layer of print is beautiful with an extrusion G-code feedrate of F600. Then for subsequent layers the feedrate jumps up to F1300 and extrudes too much material making all of the rest of the layers bumpy and overlapped.

Can anyone tell me what Cura config value I must change to decrease the extruder feed for subsequent layers?



G1 X-9.35 Y-9.35 Z0.6 F1733.3333

G1 X9.35 Y-9.35 F1300.0 E0.8789


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Your feed rate should be a byproduct of the speed you are printing. The E value should be the determinant on the amount of material fed. If you have already done the Cura first step wizard to get an approximate value of steps/e then you probably need to adjust filament size. You could get that feed rate back to 600, though, by matching your print speed with your first layer speed.

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Feedrate has nothing to do with the amount of material extruded. Feedrate is actually movement speed (the name comes from CNC milling, where feedrate is how fast you feed it new material to cut)

The E values control how much material is pushed down the nozzle. Combined with the M92 Exxx which sets the amount of stepper motor steps needed for 1mm of material extrusion.

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