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Printing scale not correct after changing the electronics

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I have changed my Ultimaker Original to use the Rumba Board which I had leing around and changed the extruder to E3D's V6. I then took the Ultimaker Marlin firmware and made the necessary changes. But now the printer does not center correctly when I try to print an object in the center and the scale of the print is only about 50% of that intended.

I have checked the XY steps configuration in marlin and it is correct with the right values for the Ultimaker and i have not made any changes on the belts wathsoever.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


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That sounds strange indeed... I have a Rumba board as well and did not experience any issues like that... Did you set up microstepping correctly with the small jumper switches under each stepper driver?

For an otherwise unaltered UM with default A4988 drivers you want 1,1,1 for x, y and e (1/16 microsteps), 1,1,0 for z (1/8 microsteps)

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Well, that might be the issue. I've set the steps as you described it but i have the DRV8825. Need to check the settings for those then.


That is definitely your issue then, the settings for the dvr8825 are different, for those you want 1, 1, 0 for 1/8 microsteps, 0, 0, 1 for 1/16, and any of 1, 0, 1, - 0, 1, 1 or 1, 1, 1 for 1/32.

I would advise for the 1/32 setting for x, y and e with the dvr8825, since its smoother and hence a bit less noisy... this means you can keep your current jumper settings and just double the steps for those axis in firmware :)

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Awesome now everything went wrong. I could get the motors running ad the motor drivers got really hot, so i switched everything off. Now i cannot connect aymore to the board, the lower orange LD is continously flashing, reset it does not help. I can only connect shortly after reseting it but the console in Pronterface shows "Printer halted. Kill called.". Lukily i had another board that i planed for a second printer and with that everything except the motors work just fine. Then i tried with old stepper drivers, but still no luck, the motors do not react anymore.

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Ok, got it running with the old stepper driver. Still can i somehow check if the DRV8825 stepper motor still work and how can i reset the defect Rumba board?

Now it is running, scale is correct but after a short time printing it is starting to skip steps.

Got to check that tomorrow.


Ok, it sounds like you have had the current setting on the drives too high... I remember having had problems with having to reset a Rumba too and at some point found a solution on the wiki page for the board I think.

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Alright I will search for that. But on my working board i cannot get the drv8825 to work eve with a new one that haven't put on the previous board. It first as working shortly o the x-axis, then i moved it to the y-axis and it didn't work. Moving it back to x didn't help, nothing going anymore. Fiddeling around with microstepping switches did not help, only sometimes could get loud noise from the motor but no movement st all.

Nw I'm really rellay confused.

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