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Need help adding more supports cura

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Posted (edited) · Need help adding more supports cura

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to print a helmet and most parts are coming out fine. However one piece keeps failing as the raft support isn't big enough and it gets all stringy 5 to 6 hours in the rest prints fine it just screws up the right side. It only generates a tiny support for the edge.

I'm wondering can I add more supports via cura or widen it up a little bit?

I'm new to 3d printing and am still figuring out all of the setting.

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    Posted · Need help adding more supports cura

    Is this your model? If so add support in cad and make the support wider at the base. Try to stay at a 1:5 ratio where the base is a minimum of 1/5 as wide as the height.

    If you don't know how to use CAD then maybe show a photo of where it goes wrong? Maybe someone will have suggestions.

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    Posted · Need help adding more supports cura

    Well obviously you need better supports. You can do supports using Cura but they will make the print much slower (check the print time with and wihtout support!). You can tell Cura to only support surfaces within 10 degrees of horizontal and that shoudl speed it up a bit.

    You can use meshmixer to create supports:


    pay particular attention to how to rotate your part in the "annoyances & limitations" section and also note that there is a small error where he set layer height to "0.5" mm and it should be the layer height you print at e.g. .2 or .1mm.

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