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Ultimaker 2+ enclosure needed & clogs?

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Hi Everyone, I just ordered an ultimaker 2+ which will arrive soon :)

My current printer has an enclosure to remove any draft etc. And I am thinking to also order one for the ultimaker.

My two questions are:

- Will it improve my prints when I print with pla, petg and nexg (colorfabb)

- Is the ultimaker more prone to clogs when i have an enclosure?

Thanks a lot

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I am using an enclosure called UltiTop incl.  the door (available from a couple of European resellers), but I guess because i am printing only in PLA, I never noticed a difference in quality, my UM2+ printed PLA fine without (More difficult filaments might benefit from it however). I need the enclosure to fight the crazy amount of dust in my basement, where my printers sit

I never had a clog since i installed the enclosure (and a filament filter)

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I don't use an enclosure when I print PLA.

Using the enclosure is a must when I print XT or NGEN. Otherwise they warp too much.

I just use a large "turkey bag" that I cut open on two sides and then binder clipped it to the frame. It's pretty ugly. It really annoys my boss. But it is so cheap and so quick.


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