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Trouble Printing Cup like parts

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Posted · Trouble Printing Cup like parts


I have been working on trying to print thin walled (4.5mm) cups. The problem I have been having is getting the inside of the cup just as smooth as the outside of the cup. I had previously been using Cura RC4 and was struggling. I turned on dwindle and that help considerably, however, I could never get my machine to retract no matter the settings I entered. So I decided to retry with the newest software, however, there is no longer dwindle and I can not get retract to fully clean up my prints. The problem seems to be when it traverses (no extrusion) it cuts the corner on the inside allowing the string to overhang the inside of the cup making it rough. I didn't know if someone has figured out decent settings for parts of this nature or not.

Current settings:



T/B Thickness-.8mm

Fill 25%

Print speed-60mm/s


Retraction (everywhere)

Min Travel 5.0mm

Speed- 50mm/s


Extra Len.-0.0

I just can't get it to stay clean no matter what I do. Perhaps I am missing something.

If there is someway to just change the traverse to not get so close to the edge of the part that would fix all my problems, plus it would allow me to shut retract off. Which would be a massive bonus. It would print so much faster. I have done several similarly shaped prints and all of them have the same problem. So if this can be fixed I would be hugely interested.

Any input would be helpful. In the interim I am going to keep trying things.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Posted · Trouble Printing Cup like parts

For to me unknown reasons, cura/sf is struggling to keep the inside of objects clean, i was never able to figure out why, but it may be related to the combing, and how sf is making shortcuts, inadvertently harming the inside surface (in other words, the original author of sf didnt have a 3d printer, and didnt give a flying f#%€ about it). David does a great job to make SF a better software, but it is limited what he can do with it.

Try slic3r and kisslicer, both do a much better job taking care of all surfaces

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