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  1. Hi UM community, I am sorry if this may look like spam, but it isn't. Some of you may remember, I am an UM user from the early days, printing a panoramic phone holder for Sony in 2011 on the Ultimaker 1. After the Sony project ended, I set my mind to building a better 360 video camera system, and all throughout 2012 we sold the 360 Rig, which was also printed on a by now heavily modified UM1 (http://freedom360.us/about/360rig/). This was the first fully spherical (no blind spot) video camera system in the world, and marked the transition making a UM 3D printed object a commercial success. This project then transitioned into the current Freedom360.us LLC, where the Ultimakers 1 and 2 are used to print prototypes and new product developments for the last 2 years. The actual products are mass printed via SLS/nylon. I would like to ask for your help: Chase (a US bank) is giving grants every year for small businesses, such as our Freedom360. To be considered for this grant, we need min 250 votes until October 17 as the first step. Winning this grant would help us a great deal to dedicate more time to R&D, more time developing new products and technologies, making it easier for everyone to produce new content for the next revolution in VR. Please visit https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/54409 and click on the vote button on the page that pops up. We need min 250 votes until October 17, 2014, every vote worldwide counts. (FB account link is necessary to vote, and Chase won't post to your time line, and you can disconnect from it next week again). Please share the link with your friends and colleagues and make them click on the vote button. Thank you thank you thank you for your help and consideration.
  2. keep in mind that not only do you need the machine (which eats a lot of electrical power, because the chamber and steel powder need to be brought near critical temp), but you also need special clean room environment, the stainless steel powder is one of the unhealthiest things you can get into your lungs (carbon fiber particles are the worst). great technology, saw it last year.
  3. I'm up in Astoria... we can do a meetup late Spring, before Summer in NYC gets us to the Tg of PLA
  4. Makerbot doesn't sell 3mm filament anymore, only 1.75mm ABS for a more comprehensive list, have a look at http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRap_Buyers'_Guide#Filament
  5. good to know, i have a piece of garolite coming in today from mcmaster (i had to order other stuff anyway). I'll print the first prototype in ABS, and if I have time, I do another one in Nylon, either on garolite, or bluetape or MDF. thanks so much for the tips.
  6. Does anybody have a place where to buy a sheet of garolite in NYC? I need to print some nylon on Saturday (april 5, 2014)
  7. 140C nozzle? ABS has a min temp of 240C usually (natural ABS without pigments), and up to 260-270C for black ABS. printing hotter will make better layer bonds, printing lower than 240C will result in underextrusion, if you even get anything meaningful out of the nozzle to begin with.
  8. I also find the "pay now, we'll ship it later" policy strange and unusual... it was suitable and acceptable for the beginnings of Ultimaker, but by now a "pay before shipping" policy should be in place. I don't think UM will ever be facing a warehouse full of unpaid printers... the machine is too awesome, and there will be always a line around the block for any printer that becomes available earlier than expected. amazon merchant services have a simple functionality: capture the payment when the merchant is ready to ship (via CC), so you know you have the money when the box leaves the warehouse. paypal on the other hand isn't capable of doing that, even when you send out paypal invoices, which cause more work, and are more bureaucratic. maybe it's time do make paypal a secondary payment option (where people always know its 'pay first, ship later') and find a proper payment gateway for the bulk of the orders. to handle the problem with failed payments, simply put a 3-5 day hold on the order, to give the customer a chance to clean up the financial mess and then capture the payment. after 5 days of no emails or reply from the customer, the order goes back to 'on hold' or 'canceled', and the machine gets assigned to the next order that needs one. that way you should never have too many machines sitting around doing nothing. or get to a point in production where everything is running smoothly, and you simply ship the same or next day, like we do in our company. hopefully UM gets there this year :-) joergen f360.us
  9. Look for Calin's excellent posts (http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/user/908-calinb/) about Nylon and ABS in this forum
  10. UM has thousands of users worldwide, as you can see with this huge online community and is on the market for quite some time now... Z has how many users? and how many slicers support Z? (UM is supported by cura, slic3r, kisslicer, netfabb (kinda) and soon photoshop, just to name a few)... plus in the (fortunately) closed thread you said yourself that only the good reviews are posted, and any bad reviews get deleted, so what kind of value can a user derive from the Z, if all we see is propaganda (incl you)? In regards to ABS printing, many printers, including the UM1 and UM2 print ABS just as they print PLA, or any of the other available types... to ask if there are any other printers marketed for ABS shows very little insight into the 3D printing world...
  11. Disconnect the 2 heater cables from the 2 green terminal blocks and measure the resistance of the heater element with a multimeter: you should measure something very close to 9 Ohm... if you get 9Ohm, your heater is ok, and the problem is something else. if you don't get 9 ohm, the heater or the cables to the heater have a problem.
  12. did you check if the heater is still properly connected to the the UM board?
  13. Yes, I agree, this thread should be deleted... nothing huberbobas has posted in this thread so far contained anything valuable for the UM community.
  14. I find it difficult to believe that you are blaming UM for changes in the international currency exchange rates, and that UM has any influence on the charges Paypal is leveraging on you... it almost sounds like this is the first time you ordered anything internationally. welcome to the real world.
  15. even if the Tg of PLA is 65C, there are many occasions outdoors where material gets close to or over that temp. There was even an anecdotal post about PLA parts sagging over tome (which is what I was referring to as "loadbearing"). PLA does biodegrade, but only under certain conditions, Keegan documented it quite well: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!searchin/ultimaker/hydrolysis/ultimaker/8s1bq_9LsRM/DxLchSNlAD8J In regards to UV protection, commercial ABS for extrusion molding has UV filtering additives already mixed in... I would assume our ABS filament doesn't have any/much of that, since it wasn't parts of the specs. any art supply store has lots of UV protecting varnishes, just get one you like, and follow the instructions... if you pick one that contains acetone, it will create the best surface bond with ABS imaginable :-)
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