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Y-axis stop moving

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Posted · Y-axis stop moving


I'm a teacher that has just started teaching a class in technology and just got my first 3D-printer ever.

The 3D-printer is the Ultimaker 2 Go.

Printing my first 5-6 prints worked out nicely (a pikachu and a dice), but then a problem accured :-/

The error message is "X or Y switch Broken". I have tried to follow the tips from https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19487-x-or-y-switch-broken , but with no good result.

When I try to move the printhead manually it flows fine in x-direction, but are stuck in y-direction. I have manually forced the head to the right back and choosen "home". This works fine, but when I start printing the y-axis is stuck after about 4-5 minutes. The printer continues to print at the same y-position but moves the x-axis (then I abort the print and the error message is shown).

Please help!


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    Posted · Y-axis stop moving

    Hi Emil,

    Can you post some pictures or videos of the problem as it is happening?

    I haven't worked with the UM 2Go, but I'm guessing the print head movement is still controlled by belts, pulleys and motors.

    When the Y axis isn't moving can you hear the motor shaking? A while back one of my stepper motors died and it took me a while to figure it out.

    Have you tried using the "move axis" option in your pinter menu? You can also use pronterface to try and manually control the x and y axis motors. This way you can see which motors are working (or not) without having to run a print / heatup your nozzle.

    If things aren't moving like they're supposed to but you don't hear any loud shaking (like in the video of my stepper dying) then make sure all the set screws on the pulleys are tight. As a sanity check you can also make sure the troublesome motor has a good connection with the board underneath (if the connector is loose that might explain the on again / off again part of it).

    Hope some of that helps.


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