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  1. Perfect! Suppose I should've looked on Youmagine earlier. Cheers,
  2. @smithy I'm trying to get adjust the axels on an S5 as they are definitely not perpendicular. On the UM2 and UMO+ there were printed guides / jigs you could use to do that. Are there files for the S5? I can make some if none exist yet, but figured I'd ask before I start making my own.
  3. This will add the code that UM2 uses to 'turn on' the 5V fan. This will make the 'little fan' to turn on, as soon the hotend reach 40C PLEASE you will be the first to test this, can you tell us if it works? If so we can ask @amedee to past this area from Experimental to the normal generator. ALSO.. I HIGHLY recommend that you set the 'Fan minimum PWM' to at least 50-80. And! Choose 'Fan kickstart' to at least 200 ms (the setting that UM2 firmware uses for their fans) Please, after checking this could you post the results? EDIT NOTE: There's no real need to touch any other setting, unles
  4. Finished the upgrade yesterday and though everything was working, but it seems like my third fan isn't turning on. I'm guessing that should be an "always on" fan to actively cool the insulator and such yeah? I plugged it into the fan 5v port on the board. Is there something I need to do in the firmware to activate that port? Thanks again for the guide. It's given my UMO+ a new lease on life! want to get this fan thing sorted out before anything bad happens...
  5. Nice! Might be nice to have the whole thing on casters too.
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