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I have been doing some tests with my custom 3D printer which is similar to the ULTIMAKER 2 extended

version. I am using the same controller board and nozzle components plus fans for the hot end.

I am using a gear reducer estruder. please see attached pictures.

the FIRST problem i am having is that every time i print , the fans dont't seem to want to start unless i

nudge them a little, then they work. But that should not be the case

does any one have any helpful solutions.

i am using the marlin firmware for ultimaker 2 with some changes accordng to my printer

travel limits and endstop locations and the motor axis directions.

aside from that i made no other changes to the firmware.

The second problem is that the next day when i want to go print something, the plastic does not extrude

so i have to abort the print, and heatup nozzle through the lcd display and push from the extruder

until the plastic oozes out of nozzle, then everything is fine again. But this should not be the case.

i had done the tests for calibrating the esteps and entered that value in the firmware ans uploaded to printer.

when it prints everything is fine, just that if i close the printer and later on or next day want to print

before it prints it never purges the material, and have to always push from extruder, heat up nozzle etc etc.

Don't want to do that,should be automatic.

what should the spring tension be for 2.85 mm filament , tight or loose ?

How can i tell what is correct ?

If anyone can help me , i would appreciate that very much




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I believe you also do have a problem with a stuck caps lock button on your keyboard...

About the fans not starting, try to increase the "kickstart" period to a higher amount, your fans might be harder to get spinning than the original UM2 fans

In the Configuration_adv.h file you will find this line:


change that to 1000, and see if it works then

Also, are you printing with Ultigcode from Cura? if not, then you have to do your own start gcode to do the priming of the hotend for you.

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