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Questions about upgrading UMO Z platform to metal with UM2 type bearings?

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I want to replace the structure portion of my UMO Z platform with a metal plate with flanged style linear bearings found on the later printers.

I have a home built heated bed that I am happy with and do not wish to replace it. I will adapt it as required. Also happy with the Z-nut and screw.

Where can I buy a metal plate and bearings to fit into my UMO?

Does the UM2 have the same guide shaft centers and diameters as the UMO?

Do I need to change out the Z-nut and screw?

If there is something available for purchase, it would be much easier than building from scratch.



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from :




you can see that holes for guide shafts are both ø12mm and they are 160mm apart

(center to center) on both UMO and UM2 (loaded up the STEP files to measure)

People seems to have fitted UM2 heated beds to UMO before :


so if you find a cheap kit from ebay, should probably work fine :)

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