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  1. Since Cura is opensource, so you could just look around in the code and find it...or just can just use the time estimated and outputted in the top of each gcode file..
  2. I'm on Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 Build 16299.431 Intel i7-8700 and 16GB ram
  3. I updated to 1.0.4, but the UI still shows the same as my screenshot
  4. I can make backups with the plugin, but there is no 'restore' or 'load' button
  5. How do you select to 'Restore' a backup from the cloud ?
  6. its the autostart in Marlin firmware, so basicly every printer that runs marlin firmware supports it, I would hardly call that niche, I use it on my Ultimaker all the time
  7. I've just tested a print with this setting on (brigde settings) but the result was....spaghetti I printed this : https://www.youmagine.com/designs/quick-temperature-fillament-test in greentec, with basicly default PLA settings (210°c) Why are default feedrate set to 15mm/s ? Its way too slow, the string have plenty of time to sag, it doesnt help when flow is reduced to 75% either... I edited settings with 60mm/s feedrate and flow back to 100% and got very nice bridging
  8. is this the way its intended ? i dont know why the screenshots are added multiple times, sorry about that
  9. is the bed level ? it doesn't look level... I get good prints with flexible with slow feedrate (15-20mm/s) no fan, and no retracts or minimum retracts....usually I have retract off, strings in flexible are easy to remove. also use well sized layerheights
  10. Hi, I cant seems to get the last top layer nice and smooth, there are gaps between the inner wall and the top 'infill' I can adjust infill overlap and see the result on layerview and see with extreme 0.4mm overlap ,that the infill lines go through the wall, but the top skin or top layer still have gaps. Anyone know maybe other things I can adjust ? It appears that the final last layer on a model have its own settings...? Infill overlap 0.2mm : Top layer with infill overlap 0.2mm : Infill overlap 0.4mm : Whatever infill o
  11. Another adaptive print Printed with Colorfabb Bronzefill 0.4SS nozzle, layers between 0.10 and 0.26mm (you can actually see the transitions where layerheight creeps towards 0.10) Not too happy with the top finish, get gaps between walls and top layers...might be too much retraction, but the layering are awesome....
  12. Not sure what holder you referring to but i'll attach the coffee container I used (its for storing 500g of coffee beans for coffee machines) coffe_v2.stl
  13. Having great results lately, and its a huge timesaver My coffee container is very popular amongst family and friends and it's a great gift, I've printed out quite a few of these, and its always been a rather long print. There are some curves included as details, and I like keeping its original shape and not dull these down just because its prints easier, but any higher layers than 0.2 and it starts to string and fail on the curves. The base container takes around 17hrs to print, with 0.15mm layers (0.6mm nozzle) WIth adaptive layers, varying from 0.15-0.4
  14. After a few days of experimenting and printing with adaptive layers, I can say that this really shines its usefulness with big objects printed with bigger nozzles. I'm printing with a 0.6mm nozzle, I can get the slicer to use 0.4mm layers where walls are near vertical and adjust the layers down to 0.2 on slopes. So you get the faster print times with using a big nozzle and big layerheights, but keeping more of the details with adaptive layering generating 0.1mm layers on details. When printing gcode that have layerheight of 0.1 or less, I get a difference in surface textu
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