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How to migrate custom machines, profiles and materials from Cura 2.1 to Cura 2.3 ?

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The title says it all.

Cura 2.3 ignores all machines, printing profiles and custom materials I have in my home directory in .cura and the directory structure inside the Cura.app MacOS executable is very different.

I tried to set up a new "custom FDM printer" using the new GUI dialog for that but

* most settings are not in that GUI (e.g. disallowed areas)

* it asks for some "printhead settings" with X+Y min+max but doesn't explain what that refers to and the "online documentation" doesn't work in Firefox on MacOS as it loads without any stylesheet and is thus unusable.

I can no longer make a "nozzle size" setting visible. With an Olsson Block on my Ultimaker II with Reprap G-Code flavor (to run it via Octoprint) I often swap nozzles.

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Custom machines need to be migrated by hand. Sorry. All machines that were contributed to the Cura repo have been upgraded (even the non-UM ones, because we had to break API and we're nice like that!)

Note that 2.3.0 still has one known issue;


Known issue: Cura 2.1 profiles created for Ultimaker 2(+) printers on Mac OS X are not automatically copied to Cura 2.3. This issue will be solved shortly with the Cura 2.3.1 release. Please check this blog post for a workaround while the solution is being developed.

If you want an easy way to make your nozzle sizes visible; select the UM2+ and use that. As long as you don't do a firmware update using that, everything works just fine.

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The produced G-Code for the E axis is in mm, isn't it? So the geared down extruder in an UM2+ make no difference when the produced g-code is executed on a UM2.

I don't see a way to export machines and materials in Cura2.3, so I guess I have to do this on MacOS and then again when I switch from MacOS to Windows?

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