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Feeder mechanism and poor prints

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I got my printer in a couple of day ago and was able to assemble it in one day. Great job on all the assembly instructions except for one section dealing with the feeder mechanism at the back of the printer. I followed the instruction that were there but now that i'm printing I don't think the mechanism is functioning properly. It will feed for a couple of minutes and then stop and my prints are suffering. I've adjusted the position of the spring/bolt apparatus attached to the feeder to every position imaginable and still the same problem. It will feed for a while and then stop. Is this a problem with the feeder or at the hot end? My print temp is at 220 degrees for the PLA that was supplied by Ultimaker. I have adjusted the flowrate in Cura. My feedrate seems reasonable. It just not grabbing!!! I'm a little frustrated by this especially since the prints start off great.

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"I've adjusted the position of the spring/bolt apparatus"

How do you mean? It can only be attached one way and the black lever should go all the way down until it rests against the wood, it'll snap into position really. The screw should be tightened until it stops. Don't overdo it though, it is plastic after all, but you'll feel when the screw hits the delrin as the resistance will go up sharply.

What does the filament look like after it stops? Does it have grinding marks or nice clean tooth marks? Also, check that the bolt is nice and clean.

I can't speak for the hotend as I'm still on the old one, hopefully someone else will jump in and help you out there. The new hotend should've solved the dreaded plug issue but if it isn't assembled properly maybe that's still a thing. Again, not sure as I'm not using that hotend.

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I've never really examine the filament after it stops. I'll take a look today when i start a print. From everything you've told me it seems that I have the assembly right. Maybe the problem is at my hot end. It's just when it stops feeding and I push the filament up by hand then the feeder mechanisms will start working again. So maybe it's getting clogged at the hot end and when i put the additional force moves the blockage and the feeder mechanism works again. It there an issue with the bowden tube being pushed too far into the white teflon piece?

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