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UMO+ Printing issues


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Posted · UMO+ Printing issues


Ive had my UMO+ for a year now. To be honest I'm very disappointed with it. I am sporadicly able to do nice prints for short periods of time. For instance in total frustration I replaced the entire feed line and hot end last weekend. Fantastic printing again no problems ace quality. one week on I'm back to my old problems of blocked nozzle continually cleaning it out and back to a 5-10% success rate. It will print for 20s fine then slowly slow down the amount of material from the nozzle. if you stop you are unable to retract the PLA as it is jammed in the feed somewhere near the PEEK block.

So F***k*d off with it.

Ive thrown all my PLA out and bought new pend a roll today and same old problems.

Ive rebuilt the feeder and done a lift test 4kg seems ok

Ive tried to manually feed the PLA into the hot end and you can just feel it get stiffer and stiffer until is stops.GRRRRRRR

Is there any other way than changing the hot end to a different design.

I can print ABS no problems...........

But I want to print PLA

Or other materials

Any ideas?

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    Posted · UMO+ Printing issues


    Print hours since the last time you changed the PTFE coupler? (It has a print life span of 50-200h depends on the temp) So it might be just that.

    Also photos, always photos. Show photos of your hotend setup, I seen many users that don't install it right and while it can work, it gives a lot of trouble.

    So.. I think you just need a new PTFE coupler. Also, some 3dsolex distributors sell a TFM coupler, that is a material that can resist the heat much longer and is the same material used on um2+ hotends, and on um2 can print for 500-2000h... I never seen anyone using it on umo+ (at least not on the forum) but should work much better than the standard.

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    Posted · UMO+ Printing issues

    Hi thanks for reply

    I changed the PTFE coupler last weekend and have done 5 prints since but 50 hrs is hardly anything. I often do prints that long.

    Im running innofil abs at 225 and trying to use some colourfab pla at 200.

    do you have any idea what happens to the page to cause issues? is it gripping on the filament or something? I will investigate some TFM parts

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    Posted · UMO+ Printing issues


    I have experienced similar.

    I have resorted to having a set of nozzles for ABS and a set for PLA.

    I found that temp has a major part to play. for PLA i try and keep it as low as possible.

    reason i have different sets is that when I change between the two materials the change function goes to the temp of the last material ie: ABS 250 deg. This is where my problem lays as that temp with PLA causes it to powder up and block the nozzle. so I manually change it.

    using Simplify3D I retract using the control panel till its all the way out. drop the temp then change the nozzle to the PLA and then insert the PLA material.

    hope this helps

    kind regards


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