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  1. Polymaker Polybox?

    fair one. the poly box has no heating though. unless they changed it recently
  2. Recovering a Bricked UM3

    sweet, big thank you for sharing. I bricked my machine whilst adjusting the files for the Bondtech set up. used the win32diskimager and followed your directions and boom back in business. image file seems to have today's firmware release on it as it says it's up to date on the firmware. fair one. muchosgrassyarse dude. Bex
  3. Polymaker Polybox?

    much appreciated. it works really well and a lot cheaper lol.
  4. Polymaker Polybox?

    @cdrose Glad to hear that it is helping you. did you modify the case like mine or just using it to dry the spool. you might get away with higher temp. I have had it at 70 to dry mine out but if I print as I dry I tend to have it at 55 too. Bex
  5. Ultimaker AMA

    I second Kman's suggestion, got some suggestions about the build plate and printcores. could be handy for the UM4 or maybe a job offer for me lol Bex
  6. Polymaker Polybox?

    hiya all, glad the food dehydrator is of interest
  7. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    I am getting command not found for sendgcode
  8. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    this is what I am working with
  9. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    It's saying command not found. I am typing sendgcode.G28 Z0 I've also tried sendgcode G28 Z0
  10. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    I am going to need a little more help. I thought that I could do it through putty but it's not recognising the commands I did try through browser but that didn't seem to get me any where cheers Rebekah Anderson
  11. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    thank you for that. I know, the bricking issue is at the for front of my mind but there is something bugging me about the upgrade I did and want to check it before I start getting emotional about it. will let you know how it goes. Rebekah Anderson
  12. Hiya, I was wondering how I could instruct the UM3 to move filament by 100mm and check to see if it does actually move by 100mm. thus confirming the steps per mm. cheers Rebekah Anderson
  13. advice for help

    hiya, it is, I am building a 1/14 scale version. the boom reach at maximum is 3 meters without the fly jib. the boom sections are working well, although I could do with fine tuning their assembly but using piano wire and fixing them into the boom under tension seems to work well. bex
  14. Print core profiles

    hiya, Thank for the reply. at the moment with all the firmware up to date and latest cura, I can't use the print core profile in cura relevant to the third party print core. really wish there was a way for the user to create profiles on the eeprom for third party. would you or have you already released the format of the script that's on the print core so others could program a third party print core?
  15. PVA support material crackles as it extrudes

    Hiya, the food dehydrator is pretty spot on. if it's water logged then leave it for a while at about 50 deg. Bex

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