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Resolved - UM3 Core 2 Autoleveling not working

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Posted (edited) · Resolved - UM3 Core 2 Autoleveling not working

Issue ended up being mainly that one of the rods arrived popped out and I didn't know. because of this the autoleveling was not working right. Basically somethign I should have caught. I have been able to at least now use the 2nd core things seem ok.


Hi All,

My new UM3 doesn't seem to be autoleveling the 2nd core.

Everything seems fine on the first one but the 2nd one when it autolevels seems to set the Z height wrong.  No matter wait it's always higher than the first core and never lines up or sticks to print because it's so significantly higher.

This only happens on the 2nd core.  Happens with either the PVA or PLA core.

Anyone have some ideas?  I bought this thing just for that 2nd core ability and am a little frustrated.

It almost seems like the 2nd core when autoleveling pushes into glass making it set the z a little higher.  I can almost hear the z pushing on it.  I'm not sure if this is normal or not.  I don't seem to hear this on the 1st core.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

On a more serious note what is the best way to get support on these things? waiting for e-mails from the place it was purchases has been a bit of a trial and they didn't really have much advice other than the z height is set by autoleveling.



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Posted · Resolved - UM3 Core 2 Autoleveling not working

Since you're in the US, fbrc8 and your reseller are your local support, but the forums are also always a great options.

Have you updated the firmware since receiving your UM3?

Have you run the Z-offset calibration in the Maintenance menu?

Also, at the start of your print, are your starting with a clean nozzle tip on your core, or is there extra filament hanging off the end of it?

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Posted · Resolved - UM3 Core 2 Autoleveling not working

Ok this is good to know. Just as an update in case anyone has any ideas. I put some time in yesterday and have had the following results.

I have indeed tried the z height calibration.

In fact I took the time yesterday to remove all the material and swap the two AA cores with each other. Still the auto calibration on the core 2 will not work. Doesn't matter which core is in the 2nd slot.

If I turn auto bed leveling off both cores will work at the manually adjusted height. It just seems to be the auto calibration should work.

I checked the firmware and have the current stable version and I make sure the tip was clean as well.

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