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  1. Sorry, just saw this. I've seen them not read if they're not pushed in far enough. Definitely make sure they click into place.
  2. The red and white ones on the metal bracket are your active leveling cables; they shouldn't be related to ER18 errors.
  3. Glad we could help! We like to see machines able to get back up and running in the best shape possible. 😀
  4. This video is also really good for the cleaning process:
  5. What model printer are you using? For most Ultimaker printers the hot end cooling fan turns on when your nozzle or Print Core heat to 50C. It cannot be controlled in the settings. For your model cooling fans--how long are you waiting for those to turn on? They don't kick on until the second or third layer, in order to prevent adhesion issues.
  6. Is this a ticket at support.ultimaker.com? It depends on the type of query you're submitting. If you're troubleshooting a hardware issue with an Ultimaker printer it should stay open/pending. There's a few other categories (I think mostly related to third party machines) that may auto-solve after the first response unless you respond back.
  7. The reason the heat shrink is there is to protect the heater cable for Print Core 2 so the metal tab doesn't damage it when the print core is moving up and down. It's not needed on the other side because that Print Core is static and doesn't move up and down. Is your Print Core heater cable damaged by any chance? Have you tried swapping the Print Cores from your other machine in?
  8. That looks awesome @kmanstudios!
  9. @emare I hope your evening is better than your day was.
  10. Glad we could help! Do you need installation instructions? I've got them here.
  11. There is high voltage on the underside of the printer, so I recommend reaching out to Support for safety information before opening the underside if your S5 has the safety tape and torx bits.
  12. The lan port does plug into the main board as a separate piece, so it could have come loose in shipping, though it's uncommon.
  13. Hi Michael, 1252 is the right part number and I do agree it sounds like your screen. Your reseller can order it in for you--I'm not sure where you're located. But if you're in the US I have it here and it can ship Monday.
  14. Definitely always good to have spare parts on hand. In particular, make sure to check out the front fan when your new-used machine arrives. A lot of people miss cleaning the fan as part of their maintenance, so you'll want to inspect that just in case it needs it before you get started.
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