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  1. fbrc8-erin

    Idle noise

    You're welcome. Good luck. If you're still not sure after checking out the fan, maybe share a video?
  2. fbrc8-erin

    Idle noise

    Is your rear fan running? It sounds like your fan wires might be pressed up against the blades.
  3. fbrc8-erin

    2+ extended restarting during print

    Glad it's up and running again!
  4. fbrc8-erin


    Looks good! Nice work!
  5. Aside from the steppers, the other thing you want to keep in mind: the sliding blocks are made of plastic. If you heat the interior of the printer too much, that plastic will get soft, and your printhead shaft won't stay locked in anymore...which could go really badly mid-print. I try not to let the interior get above 50C.
  6. fbrc8-erin

    Where to buy UM2 Go bed glass?

    I've got some on order, but I don't have an arrival date yet. I can follow up on it.
  7. fbrc8-erin

    Capacitive sensor board

    Soldering it might work, but if it was my printer, I think I'd go ahead and replace the board and cable. I responded to your DM @myRobot
  8. Thanks, gr5. Actually 5 for $6. We've still got them in stock. 🙂
  9. fbrc8-erin

    Material Management UM2+

    To make sure new profiles appear, you need to make sure the firmware on the printer itself is up to date, and do a factory reset on the printer after the firmware update to make sure all the new settings take. Did you update the firmware on the printer itself?
  10. fbrc8-erin

    Printhead has fore and aft wiggle

    I'll take a look at some printers when I'm back in the office for comparison, but it's likely part of the natural variation in tolerances between parts--if one part is at one end of the specs and the other part is at the other end you could see something like this. It might be worth swapping the printhead shaft from your other printer for comparison if it's a tolerance issue between the bearing and shaft. That said, I think at least one of the printers I run regularly does the same thing; no printing issues with it so far. Even if it's towards the edges of the tolerance, it shouldn't impact the printing. Do you have visible movement in it during printing?
  11. fbrc8-erin

    Printhead has fore and aft wiggle

    Do you have a video of it? Is it an issue with the printhead shaft's fit in the plastic sliding blocks? Or are the perimeters rods loose in the frame?
  12. fbrc8-erin

    UM3 print head fan disabled?

    The most common reason for the front fan to fail is usually that little hairs of filament get wrapped around it. You can clear these out with a pair of tweezers; if it hasn't been stuck too long it should run again once the hairs are removed. If it's spent too long trying to run but unable to, the motor on the fan itself will be burnt out and the fan will need to be replaced.
  13. fbrc8-erin

    S5 Difference between detected height error

    Try running the lifting switch calibration in the menu, and then try your active leveling again. I don't have a video of doing it on the S5, but it's physically the same process as on the UM3, just a different menu/screen:
  14. fbrc8-erin

    Selector wheel stopped "clicking"

    I agree it's most likely a hardware issue with the click wheel, but...I have seen an occasional case where the ribbon cables not quite being seated all the way can cause clicks not to register (but scrolling still registers), so...never hurts to try before throwing parts at it. ?
  15. fbrc8-erin

    Selector wheel stopped "clicking"

    Have you removed the double flat cables and reseated them at both ends (main board and Ulticontroller)? Wouldn't hurt to try if you haven't yet.

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