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  1. Alternately if you do have this rubbing issue with the table cover so you can reach it, you can unseat the table cover and use a scalpel to trim away a little of the plastic. Considerably less disassembly effort.
  2. @Jls667 I have the fan available here. It's in stock and available to ship today. In regards to how the fan relates to the active leveling...the active leveling works on a capacitive sensor. If your fan cable is pinched or damaged, it can create electromagnetic interference while the fan is running, and that interference can disrupt your active leveling readings and cause active leveling to fail. I've got a video here on how to install it:
  3. Thanks! It's been a bit of a gray fall so far down here. I think I printed about 40 flowers over the 5 different colors. For the bowl/vase I scaled that up slightly so I could fit more flowers in it--and sunk it into the bed to give it a flat bottom.
  4. Prints in a print! A little color to brighten up some gray, rainy fall days here. Flower model by 4frika: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1440472 I found the bowl on ScanTheWorld; I really want to take some more pictures of it from the side. The Matte fiber filament looks good, though I had to sink the model into the bed a few mm since it wasn't flat. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-a-stemmed-bowl-54121
  5. @gpitts I'm not seeing any direct tickets from you in our system. It does look like we've been in contact with your reseller. If it's easier on the lines of communication, you can always reach out to Support directly if you'd like to put in a ticket. Did you receive the cable you mentioned earlier in the week?
  6. Try unplugging your black and white front fan and running active leveling with it unplugged. If there's damage to that cable it will cause electrical interference. If it works with that unplugged, you need a new front fan.
  7. The red and white cables both need to be seated firmly in the metal bracket or it won't work. They plug into the metal bracket at one end, and the printhead PCB on the back of the printer at the other.
  8. Open your printhead and check out the red and white cables that plug into the metal bracket. If either is severed, damaged, or not connected, the printer won't realize the nozzle and bed have made contact.
  9. There's a couple of things to check to start--during the active leveling process is your second Print Core moving up and down with the lift switch as it should? If it doesn't you will get an active leveling error. The other thing is to check your manual leveling--if the build plate is too high it will error out as well. You want the heated metal plate to be about level with the center lip on the base plate; I have photos and a video here.
  10. To print with the Material Station, you really need a profile for that specific material since the profile controls the cleaning process at the end of the print to make sure that the nozzle is clear and ready for whatever your next material is. If it didn't do the cleaning, and you printed ABS and then tried to print PLA, you'd have under extrusion issues; this process in the firmware/material profile takes care of that. Ultimaker is adding more profiles for the Material Station as the filament manufacturers in the Material Alliance make them available. Other factors related to Mat
  11. Is your rear fan running? Filament will swell and fail to extrude if it's not running.
  12. @rmd6502 how many print hours are on your machine? Have you replaced any of the soft parts (bowden tube, TFM coupler). This looks more like an extrusion issue than an alignment one. Wear on the spacers could happen--mostly due to heat--but it's uncommon since the spacers aren't particularly close to the bed.
  13. Glad to help. Could you post a video of the noise you're hearing? You could get a noise if the pulleys aren't flush to the wall--it would make the rod slide back and forward.
  14. The guide bars aren't too bad--a little finicky. They are held in place with the set screws on the pulleys, so if you loosen those, you can pull the guide bars out. I've got instructions here on removing and reinstalling the belts. Make sure all the pulleys and spacers are in the right spots when you reassemble the belts onto the rods.
  15. I can't say I've ever tried to put an Olsson ruby on a UMO+. I do remember someone purchasing a steel nozzle from me (with threading intended for the Olsson block) that he planned to install on a UMO+. He did mention having to make adjustments for the threading, but when I checked back with him, he said it worked. You definitely want to make sure the 2 threaded parts are tight against each other to prevent leakage.
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