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  1. fbrc8-erin

    Print failed

    If your printer is stuck on the print failed screen every time you turn it back on, you'll want to try a factory reset, and if that doesn't work, you may need to reflash the Olimex board with a microSD card. @gr5 has posted instructions on that here: For the USB not reading--you may want to access the Ulticontroller and Olimex and make sure the USB cable is actually fully seated. There's a black USB cable that runs from the Ulticontroller to the Olimex board, and a double flat braided cable that runs between the two. It's important for them to both be seated all the way. The print failed message could have been a very very brief power outage. I've seen it once or twice.
  2. fbrc8-erin

    Printable feeder tension indicator for UM3E

    Glad to help! I've totally gone and favorited that on YouMagine now so I can find it again later.
  3. fbrc8-erin

    Printable feeder tension indicator for UM3E

    You can always get the step file from the github and make it an STL, and print it with dissolvable supports (I don't think it would print well without them). If I remember, it's part 1962: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Plus I don't think I've ever come across a ready to go printable one from anyone yet.
  4. fbrc8-erin

    Ultimaker 3 part for lifting 2nd core

    Glad your printer is working again!
  5. fbrc8-erin

    Ultimaker 3 part for lifting 2nd core

    I've got those live on my store https://fbrc8.com/collections/ultimaker-3-spare-parts/products/lifting-switch-pack-um3-um3x , but since you're in the Netherlands, @Andre64, I'd try reaching out to your reseller again to save yourself on shipping costs. You might also have better luck with another reseller in Europe. Like @ultiarjan says, any reseller should be able to order them in on request, but most won't have them listed.
  6. Ah. I hadn't realized you had installed a second extruder. Definitely check with the dual extruder thread. I think if you have to, you could swap two of the cables on the motor, to get it to go in reverse, but not knowing your set up, I'd hesitate on that.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean. The Ultimaker 2/Ultimaker 2+ only has one feeder, so if you update the firmware for the printer to the right kind (Ultimaker 2+ now), it should run the feeder in the right direction.
  8. This is a firmware issue. The Ultimaker 2+ runs the feeder in the opposite direction from the Ultimaker 2, so if you install an extrusion upgrade kit, it's critical to update the firmware to the Ultimaker 2+ firmware.
  9. fbrc8-erin

    Ultimaker 2 heated bed error

    That's a bit weird. It could be that the connection on the bed plate has gone out. To make sure I'm not missing any steps: * When trying to heat, the button rotations are showing on the screen that temperature is being set (even though it's not reaching that temperature)? * Is it giving you any sort of error message when you try to heat and it fails? * Is there any sign that your Bed Heater Cable has the insulation caught in the green terminal block on the electronics board? * Can you confirm that the Heater 2 and Temp 2 connections on the board are all empty? * How long have you had your printer?
  10. fbrc8-erin

    Need help with Ultimaker 3

    Remove the filament from the printer and look and see if a bite's been taken out of it.
  11. fbrc8-erin

    Ultimaker 2 heated bed error

    Sorry, I haven't logged on in a couple days. 832 sounds way off. Here are the points to measure:
  12. fbrc8-erin

    warping/ curling SIDES

    What material are you printing with? Fan speed? Did you turn brim on in build plate adhesion? From the photos it looks like there may be a couple of different things going on.
  13. fbrc8-erin

    Ultimaker 2 heated bed error

    What resistance do you get at the connection on the heated bed with a multimeter at room temperature?
  14. fbrc8-erin

    Need help with Ultimaker 3

    If it's not working, then something is wrong. Like @Smithy said, it looks like your printer stopped extruding. If it stopped extruding, because it couldn't exit the nozzle (burnt material, etc), then it would grind at the feeder because the feeder is pushing but there's nowhere for the filament to go. Can you please elaborate a little more? When you removed the filament from the feeder, what did it look like? Do you have a picture? Does the filament that's in the bowden tube have teeth marks on it? If you load fresh filament, does anything extrude?
  15. Most cases I've seen with ER18 errors are generally resolvable with a firmware update, and/or reseating the cable once. If you've already reseated the cable and are already running up to date firmware, I would definitely get in touch with your reseller about a cable.

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