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  1. fbrc8-erin

    Post your latest print!

    Can't wait to read it! Welcome back. 🙂
  2. fbrc8-erin

    Need help with PVA printing

    If it feels flexible--like you could tie a knot in it, or scrunch it up like a piece of paper--it probably has absorbed too much moisture. When it's fresh out of the package, bending it feels pretty similar to bending PLA or ABS. You can try baking it on the heated bed for a few hours at 50 or 60 C to see if it helps try it out--put the whole roll on there. When not printing with it, I recommend putting it in an air tight back or plastic tub with silica packs to absorb the moisture. It's not going to go back overnight or anything, but the more moisture that's in the air, the more is going to find its way into the filament if it's exposed. BB .4 is perfect; I see a lot of questions sometimes about whether PVA can be used with the AA Core, so I always like to check.
  3. fbrc8-erin

    thickness of calibration card

    You can use a regular piece o paper and it should be fine. Alternately, you can level the bed by eye. I usually level to the point where the nozzle is just touching it's reflection, and then back it off slightly. I like leveling by eye rather than with the card because if you're using a card or sheet of paper, you could accidentally put extra pressure on the bed and throw off the leveling process. What model printer do you have? If it's a UM2 series printer, you want the springs about medium tight (too loose can cause issues with bed stability). If it's an UM3 series printer, you want the front of the metal heated plate about level with the lip at the front of the base plate. If it's too high, your active leveling won't work.
  4. fbrc8-erin

    Need help with PVA printing

    How long has your PVA been open? How has it been stored? Does it feel flexible? What nozzle size are you printing with? Layer height?
  5. fbrc8-erin

    layer shifting ... different from the others

    Have you lubricated your rods recently? How does it feel if you move the printhead by hand?
  6. fbrc8-erin

    Texas A&M MakerPlace & the Ultimaker S5

    I think those tiles should do the trick. If you've got them underneath all of them it should help with the overall vibration of the structure. We built a custom rolling cart for the one in our front office. It was a fun weekend project.
  7. fbrc8-erin

    Consistent Feeder Grinding Issues

    It is a press-fit. The bearings on the housing parts are also press-fit. If your motor feeder motor is screwed in tight and none of the bearings have popped out, I don't think there should anything to worry about alignment-wise.
  8. fbrc8-erin

    Consistent Feeder Grinding Issues

    The lever splitting like that definitely looks unusual; while I have seen the groove issue, I haven't seen one split like this. The levers are press fit with specialized tools. It's always possible the tolerances was off on one of the plastic pieces; respond back on your ticket on the support system and we'll get another lever out on Monday.
  9. fbrc8-erin

    Texas A&M MakerPlace & the Ultimaker S5

    Hi, Adam, Impressive set-up! I'll share the photos with the rest of the fbrc8 team on Monday. I think rubber/foam feet should help act as dampeners on the Z-issues you're seeing. That many printers on a single rack probably has some cumulative effect. (My racks run with printers on 2 levels currently.) I did also want to let you know that after your initial feedback about the alignment issue occurring on 2 of you 6 S5s, we got that feedback to Ultimaker straight away, and the S5s are now getting zip-tied the same way the UM3s are. We take the feedback loop pretty seriously and are always looking at ways to improve and make sure the information we see out in the field makes it back to the appropriate departments.
  10. fbrc8-erin

    Post your latest print!

    No issues. It's still as solid at the end of the print as it was at the start. I will admit I took the precaution of using a new spool, but that was also partly because the estimated PVA usage for this one was almost a whole spool. There was still a little left on the spool though and I used that on another print without issue. I think when you're constantly printing with it (like on a long print), you're consistently exposing new PVA, as opposed to having a rolls that's been sitting open for a month or two. I've definitely printed with some marginal PVA in the past--stuff that had been left out a while, but that I thought was still firm enough. On those cases I knew I was taking a chance and sometimes it turned out okay, and other times...time to clean the Core after it either wrapped around the feeder or the filament got brittle in the tube (depending on whether it was left out in an office during winter months with the heater on, or left out in the humidity). I've partly done some prints with PVA that's been exposed to get a better idea of how to recognized when it's gone bad, and when it may still be okay to use but not quite as clean.
  11. fbrc8-erin

    Post your latest print!

    We did a 9 day print recently on the Ultimaker S5. I love how this turned out. Admittedly, that tail is so fragile, I'm a little afraid to breathe whenever I walk by it. We've got the S5 set up on a custom rolling cart we built with some built in storage areas. The STL is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:284409
  12. fbrc8-erin

    UM2 Feeder Motor runs in reverse

    If the feeder casing is white instead of black, you have an Ultimaker 2+. If you accidentally put Ultimaker 2 firmware on an Ultimaker 2+, the feeder will run backwards, because the UM2 uses a knurled feeder instead of a geared one. Update your firmware and you should be all set.
  13. fbrc8-erin

    Where to buy a new UM2 PSU ?

    Regarding GST versus GS2...due to changes in the law, I don't believe it's legal to import the GS2 ones anymore (if you're in the US). GST is the new standard for the part.
  14. fbrc8-erin

    Where to buy a new UM2 PSU ?

    Hi, Emilio. We have them available here: https://fbrc8.com/collections/ultimaker-2-spare-parts/products/power-adapter-24v-220w Are you in the US? If you're not in the US, you may have another reseller closer, which would save you on shipping costs.

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