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  1. fbrc8-erin

    S5 Difference between detected height error

    Try running the lifting switch calibration in the menu, and then try your active leveling again. I don't have a video of doing it on the S5, but it's physically the same process as on the UM3, just a different menu/screen:
  2. fbrc8-erin

    Selector wheel stopped "clicking"

    I agree it's most likely a hardware issue with the click wheel, but...I have seen an occasional case where the ribbon cables not quite being seated all the way can cause clicks not to register (but scrolling still registers), so...never hurts to try before throwing parts at it. ?
  3. fbrc8-erin

    Selector wheel stopped "clicking"

    Have you removed the double flat cables and reseated them at both ends (main board and Ulticontroller)? Wouldn't hurt to try if you haven't yet.
  4. fbrc8-erin

    PrintCore taking too long to warm up

    The too long to heat error can be related to a printhead communication error; there were some firmware changes that makes the error recording a little clearer. I would definitely recommend updating. If its an i2c/ER18/ER19 error after updating, reseating the printhead cable usually resolves it.
  5. fbrc8-erin

    2+ extended restarting during print

    It's definitely worth a try. I'm sorry I missed the part about having tried the power supply already.
  6. fbrc8-erin

    2+ extended restarting during print

    Your reseller should still be able to help you with diagnostics, even if you've moved. The issue could be the heated bed, or the power supply. I have seen once instance where someone shorted out their rear fan (they pinched it against the metal plate) and had a similar issue. Do you have another power supply to try for comparison? As a community forum here, people do try to help each other, but for the fastest results, I do recommend reaching out to your reseller.
  7. fbrc8-erin

    PrintCore taking too long to warm up

    Is your firmware up to date?
  8. fbrc8-erin

    Part for hot car needs ABS, but ABS warps

    Be careful about enclosing it too much---you still want your printer to be able to breathe. I've seen a couple of cases where if you fully seal the printer off too close (garbage bag, or foam with no openings), the sliding blocks get just soft enough that your printhead shaft won't be able to fit securely anymore. They're just plastic. The printer needs some ability to breathe/keep from overheating.
  9. fbrc8-erin

    UM3E - Spring Fallen

    It looks like those 4 parts are the same.
  10. fbrc8-erin

    UM3E - Spring Fallen

    I need to double check the individual part numbers before I add this page to the S5 collection, but I believe all of these parts are the same for both the UM3 and UMS5 printers: https://fbrc8.com/collections/ultimaker-3-spare-parts/products/lifting-switch-pack-um3-um3x It's not really common for the spring to fall through like that--I don't see it often. But it's a cheap enough spare part to have on hand if it's something you wanted to keep a spare one hand for.
  11. fbrc8-erin

    UM3E - Spring Fallen

    You can disassemble the printhead and reinstall it. There are some photos of the process on this thread.
  12. fbrc8-erin

    axis exchange manual?

    Always glad to help.
  13. fbrc8-erin

    axis exchange manual?

    Hi, @Ich, I've written something up here.
  14. fbrc8-erin

    Post your latest print!

    I swear one of these days I want to find the time to start learning to sculpt...there just never seem to be enough hours in the day. It's always so good to see your work. The print was a little longer than a day, with a prime tower I think. I spent about 3 days meaning to start the print and never getting it started, and then left it soaking in water for an extra day after I meant to take it home.
  15. fbrc8-erin

    Post your latest print!

    Default .15mm profile for the most part, .4 Cores, and Ultimaker filament. I turned on "connect supports" and used a PVA brim. I might have also made the support horizontal expansion 3.5 instead of 3.

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