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Power requrements, replacing stock

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As i have made myself a hot bed, i need to do somthing about the power system.

Right now i have a psu supplying 12v to the hot bed, and the stock 19v supplying the printer itself..

now, what is the power requirements and do someone have a pointer to a good psu for the job? 19v.

I failed to take in account the power draw from the hotbed, as i dont have a dc ampermeter, im going to check it with a home watt meter when i return home.

Thanks in advance for any usefull input :D


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A simple multimeter is enough to estimate the power draw: measure the resistance of your heater:

Watt= Volts*Volts/Ohm


Thats is a good and valid point.. il do that when home.

I still need to measure the total power used so i can get a power brick that could supply atleast 140% of what i need..


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I am using a Chinese 400W 24v PSU from eBay, which has a trimmer to adjust the voltage down to 19v. This is driving the Ultimaker with a reprap PCB heater attached, It draws about 300W when warming up, then ~120W whilst running.

The heated platform is just connected to the existing MOSFET output, no relays or anything needed. Works well and is a very simple solution comapred with some!


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