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Having issues with my printer

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Posted · Having issues with my printer

Hello everyone. I a custom built Um2 + also known as the Jenny printer. Yeah I know it is a clone shame on me.

Any way I have been getting some really crappy prints as of late. you will see that I am having issues with the angled legs and the thickness of the top supports. I have printed this model on my Cr-10 with the same roll of material with no issues what so ever. i am trying to figure out if this is a hardware issue, or settings with in the software. Ill also print some benchys later tonight.

if anyone can give me a hand ill appreciate it.

Images: http://imgur.com/a/Lirbl

General settings:

Material: Green Inland PLA.

Temp: 205c

bed temp: 50c

Flow: 98%

material size: 1.75

Layer Height: .2

Wall thickness: 1.05

infill: 10

Print speed: 60mm/s

Travel speed: 200mm/s

cooling enabled

supports disabled

Print Sequence: all at once

retraction eabled:

distance: 4.5

Speed: 35 mm/second

X/Y Jerk: 20

Acceleration 3000

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Posted · Having issues with my printer

Please next time post a picture instead of an imgur link that will not still be around 5 years from now when other's might come looking at this topic.



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Posted · Having issues with my printer

Well I see two issues - the tripod legs are underextruded. I'm really not sure why that looks so good yet the part just above and below looks fine. Maybe you have infill speed set at a higher speed. That could cause the tripod legs problem (and also the stringing issue).

The other issue is what I call "stringing". That shouldn't happen. It could be several things:

1) It could be cura is not doing retractions because it really hasn't printed much since the last retraction and one of the settings in cura is how much filament to print before retractions can occur. This keep the exact same spot of filament from not being retracted hundreds of times. If your retraction distance is 4.5mm and the minimum print before retraction is 0.45 then it will do no more than 10 retractions (4.5/.45) on each spot of filament. But for this part I think you need to lower it. In cura 15.X you can check in layer view as retractions are shown as vertical blue lines (strange but it works for me).

2) It could be that your have a long bowden or a large inner diameter bowden or a loose bowden (when you pull up on it it shouldn't move up and down - if it does it is not properly seated in the print head or feeder). If so maybe increase your retractino distance from default of 4.5mm to say 7mm (but of course if there are no retractinos here then that won't help).

3) lowering temperature helps reduce stringing.

4) Printing slower reduces the pressure in the head and so reduces strings. This will help with underextrusion and other quality issues. Try printing nice and slow at say 25mm/sec.

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