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x limit switch replacement

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Hi, I have a bad x limit switch that i need to replace and before I dive into replacing it I thought I'd ask if there are any instructions or need to know things before I start. Also this item is hard to find in the U.S. Is there a company here in America that sales this item? Any help appreciated. Thanks Ji

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It's really easy to change out.

I would recommend,

Unscrew the faulty limit switch.

Lay the printer on its side.

remove the bottom electronics cover.

Gently pull and push on the faulty limit switch cable while looking at the electronics board to determine what wires / plug lead to the faulty switch.

Unplug it and tape the new switch to the plug of the faulty switch.

Gently pull out the old switch while feeding in the new one.

Un-tape and screw in new switch and plug into main board.

Put cover back on and stand up printer.

Test by homing axis by hand and making sure it clicks (you may need to bend the tab a bit) the in maintenance menu on printer home all axis.

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