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multiple issues with cura 2.4

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Posted (edited) · multiple issues with cura 2.4

so cura 2.4 just released today and ive been having alot of issues with it.

- the biggest of which is that there are now 4 different nozzle temp settings

printing temp

printing temp initial layer

initial printing temp

final printing temp

as the last 3 of these settings were not set to visible i was not aware they were all set to different values than my actual printing temp (this is another issue i will mention later)

so my print ended up changes its actual temp 4 times and caused heating errors on one of our printers.

now i have to have all 4 of those temp settings visible in my settings list across all of my printers (which takes up visibility space in cura) and set them all to 0 so they are inactive (we have 12 printers and have never had any sort of issue that all of these temp settings would fix)

- another thing that is more of a feature add and not specific to 2.4 would be the option to disable settings. hiding a settings does not deactivate it, it would be nice if settings could actually be deactivated, it helps  know for certain that whatever setting it is, it is not causing weird modifications to your slicing.

- I also noticed that i am no longer able to drag and drop an stl file onto the cura interface and have it automatically load, i now have to click the load button and search for the file i want to load, this is a huge annoyance when dealing with a printfarm where someone is doing large amounts of printing every day.

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Posted · multiple issues with cura 2.4

Uh. Changing the temperature caused a heating error? That's an issue with your printer, not with Cura. For reference; The um3 changes temperatures every layer when it's using dual extrusion.

The profiles as they are in Cura are optimised for Ultimakers, as we can't make em work for all printers out there. I've tried contacting other suppliers, but not a whole lot of them have shown interest for making those profiles. It does take quite a lot of time & knowledge to do this properly.

The way the slicer works means that it's almost impossible to "disable" settings as you call it. We try to have toggles for most groups of features, but it's not always possible.

As for the STL dropping no longer working, that's a regression / bug. Could you send me more info about your system / logs / etc?

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