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Ultimaker 2 extended Build Plate

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Posted · Ultimaker 2 extended Build Plate

Hi All,

we have an ultimaker 2 extended which we struggle to print large area models on due to the build plate warping, we have noticed that build plate support is a little flexible and through numerous build plate setups and trying to use rafts etc. we are still really struggling to print without parts releasing from the plate and peeling up at the corners. Ultimaker have advertised improvements to this issue on the 3 extended and we have confirmed that claim by purchasing an ultimaker 3 extended which we are finding a work of art!! runs like a dream! we have noticed the build plate support is much better designed on the 3 extended with the folded edges and were wondering if there is an upgrade or a drawing available for the same design but on the 2 extended so we can print with much greater confidence??

Any help would be greatly accepted.

Kind Regards


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Posted · Ultimaker 2 extended Build Plate


I never heard of the build plate warping but a warped build plate is possible. I had a lot of problems with ABS warping off the build plate. I started using

the blue painters tape after I use a squeegee to make sure the tape is flat I use

isopropyl alcohol to whip the top of the tape to remove the sheen. Ever since I never had a warped part. For large parts fill the glass with tape and wrap it around the edge.

My part stuck so good it took soaking it in hot water to soften the tape, took about 30minutes to remove.

Hope this helps,


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