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3D Printer Resets intermittently, based on the Ultimaker 2


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Posted · 3D Printer Resets intermittently, based on the Ultimaker 2


I have built my second 3d printer based on the Ultimaker 2.

I have edited the Marlin firmware for the Ultimaker2 to correspond to my

printer ( x,y,z travel limits, directions of stepper motors, and homing to limit switches,etc.

I have tested with pronterface and everything works well mechanically.

I did all the connections to the ultimaker 2 controller board, when i swtched power on

and tried to do a test print, it reset on it's own,and tried again , but same thing happened

it reset again.

I thought that maybe it was the power supply which is the same one that ultimaker 2 uses

so i switched it with my other printer ( which works well ), but still did the reset issue.

i have changed the controller board thinking that maybe it was defective, did all the connections

again, but it still resets.

I am able to heat the nozzle, able to heat the bed, extrude and change material, fans all work with gcode commands ,i was even able to print after a few resets, but it is annoying, and i am trying to pinpoint where the problem might be

Is there a problem perhaps with the cartridge heater or temp sensors ?

If so, then why am i able to heat the nozzle or heat bed ? If indeed those were defective

Can anyone please help me or have any suggestions, i don't know what it might be.

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    Posted · 3D Printer Resets intermittently, based on the Ultimaker 2

    Since is a clone, and probably all non official parts, is hard to tell what's wrong. But I seen that behavior with a bad heater. What happened to me was that the heater had a short circuit near the heater and sometimes the printer did shutdown and reset suddenly. Try to check all the cable connections and triple check that the heater is actually fine.

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