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Hello. Would someone be kind enough to help please?

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Hi Guys,

Before I take the plunge and Order the Complete Ultimaker DIY-Kit:


I'd like to know what extras would be good to buy. Forgive my lack of knowledge here. I do intend to use ABS for those hardware parts in my shed kind of thing as well as make some Back Packing gear. Is there any specific kind of extras I should consider buying to help with using ABS? Also …

I have read people asking about heat bed to stop prints from warping when doing large flat LPA projects. I am worried there is much more I am going to have to buy in order to print all the projects advertised of this unit … Hmmm, I mean … I am worried I do not know what extras to buy! This is what this post is about. I want to print both types of filament … ABS & LPA … I also want to print all sizes …

so what Extra Gear should I buy from this manufactures Site when I order my Kit? I know as much as to select the V2 Spare V2 Hot end (what is the benefit of this please … is it related to the existing one being used needing to be given a break??? Or do they need replacing often?) Plus I will be getting the Ulticontroller … But as for all those other extras … I really have no idea, but would not be surprised that I should of at least purchased half of them. So …

If one was willing to spend more than just the kit in order to have ALL the possible tools … what else should I purchase in order to obtain the maximum benefit that this machine is capable of???

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You.



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Hey Owen,

I was hoping you might pop in. I live in Toowoomba Queensland.

I remember once when I ordered a hammock from the US ... and later I was kicking myself because I did not get the larger tarp or the longer tree huggers and so on. What I could find later available in Australia was sold at a much higher price ... and I kind of gave up because the international postage was like $60.00


I guess the latest model comes with everything I need. I jump the gun with such things and get excited easily. Seems I will have lots of learning to do with the software side of things at any rate. I'm going to have a crack at installing Cura and see if I can get familiar with it (despite not having the printer yet) whilst I read up at ... perhaps a Cura website?

What I find most appealing about this whole concept of 3D printing:

Is the possibility of no longer having to cough up ridiculous sums of money for little plastic parts out in my shed, weather it be for one of my many outdoor machines or even tools ... perhaps tools may be pushing it, but I think the ABS will find a lot of places here and there in my shed. I'll give that aspect a go at any rate.

The other big thing is coming up with ideas on ultralight hiking gear ... I am always thinking of ideas and am often stuck at how to join things ... I am hoping to come up with some kind of technique to make plastic joinery possible ... perhaps not weak by many standards, but not for my back packing adventures ...

Other than that ... I am just happy to play around with the software ... I do like messing around with LEDs and have attempted a few pushbike lights in the past ... the styles of mounts and the devices they can be used on also makes me think of how much more I can give E,bay the flick!

Most things I order on Ebay don't come with great quality plastic to begin with ... LOL I figure most of us could do better than some of the builds coming off from there.

Now ... a telescope might be a bit much ... but just for the heck of it ... I may attempt something ridiculous down those lines ... perhaps Bino's ... eye piece box for sure!


Ok off to read up on this Cura Software and whats expected with calibration and so on. I'm yet to convince the wife on this purchase yet, however ... Ultimaker is looking like the choice for me. I hope to get an email response tomorrow when I wake up.

One thing we both don't like, is not getting a response withing 24 to 48hrs when we wish to spend a few thousand ... we have a habit of moving on pretty quickly in those situations. Service is Everything to Us!

Here's hoping I wake up to an email.

later Owen :)

PS ... just thought about the possibilities with Photography ... WOW ... The thinking just never ends!!! ... best go quiet my mind somewhere. ;)


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Wait for Ultimaker to reply Dave. They are busy because they are popular. They are popular because it's a better printer. Some others concentrate on marketing and are probably making the profits to have people respond quicker to emails etc. especially when it's a sales enquiry. For what you want to do this printer is great.


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