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How to replace the top of the print head assembly?

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I broke the plastic top piece of the print head assembly on my Ultimaker 2 Go. I have a new top, but can't find instructions on how to replace it. I detached the bowden tube and unscrewed the 4 screws that hold the assembly together. My problem is how to detach the wires so that I can feed them through the opening in the new top piece. It looks like there is some sort of connector inside the the black mesh tube enclosing the wires, but I can't see how it works. Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you!

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Here's an UM2 assembly manual, it's a bit old but shows you how the thing is build.

I this case I would not disconnect the wires/electronics, but just take apart the head, including the metal parts, take of the heaterblock/olsonblock, then you should be able to move the block through the black plastic parts.

You may need to heat it up a bit to unscrew the hot end isolater, the metal part with the holes all around. You can screw/unscrew this thing also by sticking a small hex screwdriver in one of the holes.

You'll find the hot end around page 48.

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