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Ultimaker, uh, finds a way

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Half way through my print I noticed that the print head had knocked away the support structures quite violently. I let it run because there's a chance it would work alright.

Like notoriously overconfident theme park operators before me I was somewhat surprised that my UM2, uh, found a way.

How do you like them reliabilities?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist paraphrasing another famous movie quote)



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That is pretty cool! I don't know what the rest of the bottom of that print looks like, but if it is 'just' that hole, would you really need supports for that? By the size of it it looks like you could make it by bridging alone?

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No, it would likely not require supports at all to look good. Though the top is flat rather than round or pointed as it looks in the picture so I'm not entirely certain.

And since this is the base of a 24 hour print display piece and supports only take an extra minute or so I wanted to do it with all bells and whistles to be on the safe side.


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