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Where do I put the polymer wheel?

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I'm having trouble finding instructions what I'm supposed to do to actually mount the giant wheel of polymer that I bought along with the Ultimaker. the build guide tells me where to put the reel holder plate 11A, but I don't see anything about mounting parts 11B and 11C, which I assume are used to actually hold the wheel. However, I don't see how to (safely) place the assembled component into the 11A section.

Also, once I put in the reel, where should I be feeding in the plastic? I don't see really know where I should be putting in the plastic into the device.


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The two long arms slot in and press down over the reel holder plate, and then are held together by the various semi-circular pieces that go across them and also slot into place.

THe plastic is then unrolled from the bottom of the reel towards the extruder drive unit, fed up between the drive bolt and pressure plate, and into the Bowden Tube.

Once the plastic has been fed along the bowden tube to the head, you can close the pressure plate mechanism, squeezing it tightly shut, and latching it into place with the black retaining clip that you press down and then rotate towards the spring piece.

Once the nozzle has been heated up to about 200ºC (for PLA), you can then turn the big extruder gear by hand to extrude plastic.

(Note: in my photos, one of the two arms that sticks up above the orange plastic piece (with the spring on it) has broken off).

Reel holderSpool on holderFeed filament up through the open extruder, past drive bolt, and into BowdenClose the extruder pressure plateSqueeze it tightly...... while pressing the black retaining clip down and rotating it to lock the extruderExtruder updated with a metal drive bearing


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