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Ultimaker 3 single extrusion Simplify3D profile

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I'm looking for a "good" Ultimaker 3 single extrusion profile for S3D.

I have seen the file from @neotko : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23257-simplify3d-profile-for-ultimaker-3-basic-pla-pla-work-in-progress

The UM2 S3D official profile is better.

UM3 official profile :


There is an issue with the retractation. I have tried coast at end 1mm, 2mm and 4mm. I have tried wipe 1mm.

The retractation with the UM2 and the official S3D profile is far less visible.

Do you have settings to share ?



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Well I haven't touched my um3 for 3 months now, is i. Bit and peaces atm.

As far as I can tell. Um2 hotend can control the blobs better because it needs less pressure to extrude than the um3 cores. Um3 cores have a more controlled hotzone, to avoid dripping but in exchange of that you need more force to push the same mm3. So, more pressure from filament backlash, ergo, more blobs.

I really haven't touch the profiles much since I changed all the cores and extruders to 1.75 & bondtech.

I would play with wipe retract distance to control that. Also thing that s3d on um2 doesn't use acceleration jerk tricks to print like my s3d profile or Cura profiles. Um3 needs lower acceleration due weight (and other stuff that um should have improved imo). So, for single print, um2 beats um3 at any print.

Maybe you could get a cura setting and debug how to replicate it on s3d. I was gonna do that but I found the printer too boring. If um ever allows to change the firmware easy of the um3 I might get back to mod it, and make some profiles. I just can't (is beyond my patience and I can't make anything profitable on that speed range) print as slow as default settings allow to.

But if they open the firmware for easy changes without ssh or linux knowhow, I'm in.

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Thanks for your answer ! I'm disapointed with the UM3 in single extrusion :( That was not written on the product page ...

I'm using your profile for the acceleration and it seems to be better (no toc toc sound when the head moves). My retractation settings :


Have you tried higher retractation/coast at end/wipe settings ?

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The problem of the noises comes from


To fix it, s3d should freaking read my mails (I don't know why I even bother with the slicer programmers).

To fix it.. You should rewrite the tool change script, not hard... But too bored to do it.. Post a link to your profile fff and I will try to fix it. S3D is nice but they have their own vision (just like Cura). Anyhow S3D 99% of the time doesn't lissen, and cura team sometimes actually does.

So... You know, nothing is perfect :D

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