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Print on fix position on printing plate

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Posted · Print on fix position on printing plate

Hey everyone,

I am pretty new to this and am searching for help.

I want to print with the Ultimaker 3 and use the cura software version 2.4.0.

My problem is that I need different models to be positioned all at the same starting point.

So something like the front left corner of the models should always be positioned at the same place relative to the edges of the printing plate.

Has anybody done this yet or knows how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted · Print on fix position on printing plate

A model's left front edge is the point on the model with the smallest x/y coordinate (when a build plates origin is at the left/front of the printer). That is how it is imported and placed in a slicer like Cura.

If you want all your models' left front edges to line up the same, you need to orient them in your modeling software to place their front left corner at the lowest x/y coordinate for the model.

I hope I explained that well enough.

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Posted · Print on fix position on printing plate

I think that doesn't work because Cura drops the model in the centre of the build plate.

To bypass this you could draw a plane together with your model, and place the models on that plane on the desired position. Make that plane a solid and less than the first layers so it doesn't print. BUT, because of the multiple grey areas on the build plate the size of the biggest rectangle that just drops in the centre without greying out is 179 by 183 mm. If this is within your region, just print the object and make sure (in the layer view) that the plane is not printed.

If your model needs to be printed outside this size of the plane you can manually move the object outside the plane, accurately done with the coordinates in the move menu.

So the steps would be:

1. draw a plane/box of 179 (x) - 183 (y) - 0.02 (z) mm.

2. place you objects on the plane, align the bottoms (z).

3. export all models as separate stl's

4. load stl's in Cura, select both and right click - merge. They will move away and grey out probably.

5. in the move setting, set the x and y back to zero, everything should be yellow now. This is your guaranteed position related to 'centre on platform'. If your model needs to be printed outside the plane, ungroup and move with coordinates in the move settings.

If you need a skirt or brim you can delete the plane and load it back in if you need another print in place..

Hope this helps your needs...

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