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Anyone try the new Airwolf HydroFill water-soluble support with ABS?

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I posted this as a comment on another thread but decided to repost as a new topic so as to have wider exposure.  Edit: I somehow posted this under General, so I deleted that and created this one.  Apologies! :)

I've been thinking more and more about purchasing an U3 Extended, curious about water-soluble support.  I just found out that PVA & ABS isn't going to work and HIPS is a bit of a toxic mess.  This bummed me out, so I started looking for other options...  Yes, I print things in PLA & Nylon, but I print most things in ABS and would really like to see a viable water-soluble support solution for ABS.

Has anyone gotten a spool of the new Airwolf HydroFill water-soluble support material announced January 5th?  *links below*  An Ultimaker forum search returned no hits on 'hydrofill' or 'hydro fill'.  They claim it works in any FFF printer and works well with ABS.  Also claims, "dissolves in clean water without the use of any caustic chemicals, detergents, or solvents and without the use of special equipment like ultrasonic or heated baths. HydroFill is a universal, green chemistry solution.”  

It's a bit more expensive than Ultimaker's PVA spool @ $98 for 1lb (roughly $0.22 per gram), but if it works well with ABS, is non-toxic and dissolves just like PVA, it might be worth it?

- Intro article from Airwolf

- Airwolf HyroFill product purchase page

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