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  1. randyinla

    Gluing PLA Plastic

    The 3Doodler "Create" & "Pro" work only with 3mm filament
  2. I just realized my solution doesn't update the pagination links for First page | Previous page | Next page | Last page, just the numbered page links. Here is the 1st line again with an update to the 2nd line to include those: var urlFix = "/en/community" + $('ul.breadcrumbs > li > a').slice(2).map(function(){ return "/"+$(this).text().trim().replace(/\s/g, '-').replace(/[?.]/g, ''); }).toArray().join('').toLowerCase(), newHref;$('a.pagination-page, a.pagination-link').each(function(){ newHref=urlFix+$(this).prop('href').split('/en/community')[1]; $(this).attr('data-replace-href', newHref).prop('href', newHref) }); Again, this would just be a temporary quick fix to put into place for forum pagination links until the backend can be updated to send the right pagination URLs. It seems like all of the other pagination links, like for pages pertaining to an individual post, work fine.
  3. For example, I can type the following two lines of jQuery into the console log of my browser (it works because you are using jQuery in your page) and update all displayed pagination links with the correct "href" and "data-replace-href". *I noticed that changing the href only would update the URL but still display the wrong content in the page and updating the data-replace-href only would display the correct content but the URL would now be wrong. So they both have to be updated to fix the link. var urlFix = "/en/community" + $('ul.breadcrumbs > li > a').slice(2).map(function(){ return "/"+$(this).text().trim().replace(/\s/g, '-').replace(/[?.]/g, ''); }).toArray().join('').toLowerCase(), newHref;$('a.pagination-page').each(function(){ newHref=urlFix+$(this).prop('href').split('/en/community')[1]; $(this).attr('data-replace-href', newHref).prop('href', newHref) }); The first line grabs all of the breadcrumb texts after the first two, (so it excludes: "Community -> Forum") then replaces spaces with '-' and removes '?' and '.'. You'd have to update the 2nd regex to exclude any other character displayed in the breadcrumb that shouldn't be part of the resulting URL. The 2nd line grabs every pagination link and replaces the "/en/community" part of href & data-replace-href with the correct URL. These two lines could be put into a function and called whenever the page initially finishes loading and then after every AJAX call to load a new page via the pagination links.
  4. Thank you for the response, SandervG. Making the forum faster doesn't help much if the navigation doesn't let you get around in the first place Makes me think of tuning the engine of a car to make it faster when the transmission has fallen out. As a web app developer, when I see issues like this, it probably makes me more frustrated than the average forum visitor because I can envision a fix in my head. If saying it's a back-end issue and not easy to solve means you might be able to fix it faster if it were fixable with just the front end, then that might be a possibility. I understand that the backend is sending the pagination info to the front end, but after a quick glance, I see that the breadcrumb just above the first post is displaying the correct current path to the forum. The front end should be able to grab that text after the page loads, parse through it to get the names it needs (eg.General -> Ultimaker.com Feedback), reformat it for the URL ("/general/ultimakercom-feedback) and insert the missing parts into each pagination link... until the backend developer can fix what it is sending the front end. Granted, I don't know what you are using for front/backend (ie.could be some WYSIWYG forum package/framework where it's not feasible to do custom Javascript functions after the page loads), I'm just throwing out suggestions of how I'd approach it if the backend dev was unavailable and my forum was broken
  5. Thank you for the reply, DaHai8, but I already had that information in my original post
  6. randyinla

    Post your latest print!

    Thanks! Yeah, I ruined plenty of prints way back when I first toyed around with the vapor. I was surprised how fast this one smoothed out. Was literally 20 or 30 seconds. Another thing I love about the process is that once the acetone evaporates, that smooth skin seems harder and more durable than when first pulled off the print bed.
  7. randyinla

    Print Thread on UM3

    I printed that vise out last week. I just have the two pad inserts left to do. Funny, I broke one of those threads in two places after it completed printing and glued it back together. Fragile! Need to print another one, though, I might import it into Solidworks and see if I can add cutouts for some nuts at the ends of the threads. Then I can insert a long, thin, threaded metal rod inside each plastic thread for better strength. I don't recall the layer height I printed it at, but it was probably .1mm. Mine printed out with one side of the pitch flatter than the other, too. Seems better for pushing I'll be more aware during the reprint and post a picture here when it's done. Gonna do .06 or .05 layers and slow it waaaaaay down. Oh, and I just viewed the threads in "thingiview" mode and zoomed way in. They seem perfectly symmetrical.
  8. randyinla

    Post your latest print!

    An ex co-worker gave me a small Dopey figurine (from Snow White) when she left. I thought it'd be fun to scan it and print her out a replica. As I was preparing to take pictures for uploading to 123DCatch, it slipped and fell to the floor, shattering into a million pieces :(. When I told her about the accident, she said she'd prefer some other Disney character. So I had her browse through thingiverse & youmagine and she found this Mickey-Stormtrooper. Printed in MatterHackers pro ABS. The support for his ear fell over, so I quickly paused the print and crazy glued (with kicker) a strip of ABS I had laying around to the brim and used some white wire to secure it to the head. Worked perfectly! The final finish was done with a quick 30 second boiling acetone steam bath. I put a mason jar on my build plate with about 1/4" of acetone in the bottom. Raise the temp of the plate until the rest of the jar steams up and quickly dangle the piece in until it looks shiny.
  9. randyinla

    Print Thread on UM3

    Perhaps your layer height is too thick to properly recreate the thread? {assuming you are printing the thread/bolt standing upright and not on its side} What is your layer height now? Can you post pictures and a link to the model?
  10. Not trying to be critical, or mean, or judgmental. My intention is a better forum experience for everyone. . Every single one of your categorized forums has had broken pagination for months. Each page link at the bottom is missing the name/category of the forum in the URL, so clicking any page # results in being switched to a non-categorized forum without realizing it. I saw someone else's post about this from a few months ago and the response was basically, "We had a fix, but when we deployed, it broke a bunch of other things". Can you extract/cherry pick the pagination fix and deploy just that one thing? I find it extremely frustrating to go into a forum and then realize a few pages in that I'm not in that forum anymore. If someone is in that non-categorized forum and creates a new post, it doesn't show up in the main forum overview of all categories because it doesn't have a category. To me, this should take higher priority than any other forum fix, such as CSS/styling issues, as this prevents people from seeing anything but the first page of any forum. . In this 'Ultimaker.com Feedback' forum, each pagination link is: https : //ultimaker.com/en/community?topics=1&sort=latest&type=all&page=2 When it should look like this: https : //ultimaker.com/en/community/general/ultimakercom-feedback?topics=1&sort=latest&type=all&page=2 . If I leave the pagination links alone and manually add "&page=2" to the current URL, then I can proceed to the actual page 2, 3, etc., . Thank you for any consideration to fixing at least this one, tiny thing that is such a huge part of any forum. -=Randy
  11. randyinla

    Ultimaker 3 support materials

    I just ordered a spool of Airwolf HydroFill, which is water soluble, has a higher temp melting point and claims to work perfectly with ABS. Will report back once I give it a go.
  12. I thought active leveling was just the auto-level part it does before a print? So it actually adjusts the build plate height during the print?! Wow! Awesome! Thanks for the clarification.
  13. randyinla

    Model Position in Cura 2.5

    When is 2.6 due?
  14. ...so... we can print 215x215x200 (or 300), just not all at the same time, or all of the time? ie.some shapes can reach 215 wide in some areas of the build plate... same for other dimensions?
  15. I've been having the same problem of the dollop of melted PVA/PLA stays attached to the hot end while dragging and ruins the first layer. I rubbed some of the glue stick in the general area the dollops happen and they actually stayed stuck to the glass the last time I printed. Might have to do this every time I print.

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