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Just a teaser until the print is finished

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I put this up in a different thread, but thought it may be ok to have some fun with this.

I am playing with different support settings and using towers and conical supports. Really funky patters it lays down.

Can you figure out what this will be? It may be easy, mebbe not.

Correct guess get's a Stan Lee 'No Prize' and a copy of the model when it gets put up as a new print....just like everybody else :p


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And nobody even tried....oh well...Here is it before I get the supports off of it.

I'll post a pic once the stand is printed and things are cleaned up.

The Enterprise was the first ship that was not a flying saucer or tube style rocket. It was designed by Matt Jeffries. As an oddity, he designed it to be what we consider to be 'upside down'. It was Gene Roddenberry that flipped it over.

The model was made from plans by Alan Sinclair and are recognized as the most accurate available. Especially since there there were actually three filming models.

Link to plans with all the trimmings and versions


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Cool, I saw that print recently somewhere as well. Should come out really nice :)And thanks for the extra background information ;)

Do you always have that rubberband around your printhead? Did it fall open once?


No...That's the clumsy noob at work. When I was a bit more green about some things, I had some build up around a nozzle. Bad build up. But I tried to get the fan guard open and it bent too much.

Erin at fbrc8 told me how to fix it. But I bent it too much. And there, you have the story, The clumsy noob at work. I used to get test machines back in the day because I would tell people that I would really be able to test the ruggedness of their machines and software.

But it works like a charm :)

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