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Difficulty making Abs juice

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Hi I am trying to make ABS juice. I used lab grade acetone and abs from Ultimaker and a Chinese brand..dont remember the name

It's been sitting for almost 18 hours and is not looking like what I've seen online.

I used 100 ml acetone and about 8-9 grams of filament.

Can't find out what's wrong.

Please help

This picture is after almost 18-20 of mixing



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I haven't made ABS slurry yet, so I am guessing here. But similar amounts of salt and sugar also do not dissolve in water, unless you stir it very well all the time. Heating usually speeds up any reactions, but for acetone this could be extremely dangerous and cause explosions, so never heat it.

I guess you will have to use a stirrer, or keep stirring manually very often.

PS: doesn't the plastic lid on the left bottle dissolve?

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I don't bother ever making a slurry. As for 18 hours?! OMG! I keep acetone in a small syringe and printed up some ABS "hockey pucks". I squirt some acetone on the room temperature glass and gently slide the appropriately colored puck around until it starts to get tacky. Only want a thin layer. Will probably be almost transparent. This works very well for me.

Read more here: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/abs-slurry-puck-mallet

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