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My Ultimaker 2+ is a realy Diva! :-( - I have big problems to print large plates!

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I'm an owner of an Ultimaker 2, i installed the 2+ upgrade-kit (stepper, feeder, Olson-Block,...) and at first it works pretty well.

Now i want to print a big plate with a high of 5mm, but that's a big problem for my printer!

At this time I use a 0,4mm nozzle, Olson-Block (i have tested 220°C,225°C,230°C,235°C,240°C,...) and Innofil-Filament. The Printer beginns to print...everything looks perfect. 5 minutes later the printer has extrusion-problems. - Remember, bevore this printjob, everything (little printjobs,...) works very good!

I changed the nozzle, the bowden-tube, and the heatbreak is brand new, too. Nothing of that solved the problems!

I tested a lot of thinks, but the results are realy bad...and I was spend to much of time in solve these problems! Now I have no idea what is wrong.

THX for help!

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Could you show a photo please? It sounds like underextrusion. There are many causes. Having a large print is not a cause. It's common for extrusion to get worse as you get higher though.

In particular I'd like to know your speed, layer height, print temp (I know you said 220-240) and nozzle diameter.

The most common problem is printing too fast/thick for a given temp/nozzle.

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