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UM2+ PLA clogged up and clumped around wires - recoverable?

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Hi there,

Somehow PLA got all the way up and clumped around the wires (see picture attached). Can anyone provide advice getting it cleaned up - especially from around the wires?

If I need to, where can I buy a replacement part and what's it called?  I'm in Australia.

Thanks for reading,





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Hey Adrian,

did this happen with a new printer?

If so, you should contact your dealer and ask him to take care of it.

You can of course remove the filament by hand. It is just messy and you have to be careful. Heat up the filament with a hot air gun or hair dryer (or with the "heatup nozzle" menu entry on the printer) and peel it away carefully. PLA softens at/over 50°.

The part you are looking for is the "Olsson Block". That's the metal block where you screw in the nozzle from the bottom. The leak could have happened because the nozzle was not screwed in properly.

However, if you break the two cables at the back - that's a bit uglier to swap. The left one is the heater cartridge and the right one the temperature sensor. They are not necessarily hard to get out of the Olsson block, but you'd have to fiddle the long cables all the way to the bottom of the printer where they connect to the board.

If you need to buy spare parts check the Ultimaker page:


Depending on which parts "break" you'd need either the Nozzle + Heater block, the heater cartridge, the PTB100 B temperature sensor or alternatively the Hot End Pack which includes all of them and some other spare parts.

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