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Hi to all,

I've found this issue when I tried to create a custom profile for the Mark2.

I changed some parameters in extruder1 tab from a pretected profile


Same things for the extruder2 tab


After doing this I saved it as a custom profile



Next, I opened the profile menu to activate the new profile


First issue, the extruders tab are empty





Now I try to activate the new profile.

The extruder1 is ok, there are the new settings and I have activate the new profile with succes


Not the same for the extruder2, the settings were lost and I can not activate the new profile


How can I resolve these issue?

I've tried to do a clean install of cura too, but the problems remain.

I also noticed that I can easily activate the new profile for the UM2ext but, the new settings are not read or they're lost.

The Cura version is the 2.5x64.



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I've just tried with 2 different custom machines in beta 2.6 (just out today) and now cura will just crash. There's other stuff wrong as well.

when I installed Beta 2.6 the Mark2 machine was not copied. after I manually copied all recourse files, I could add Mark2 again. And then some old custom profiles from 2.5 became visible again...... but as protected profiles....

Think we need to report this in the cura beta thread... and at the same time see if we can find errors in the custom recourse files....

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@ahoeben (or anyone with a good understanding of Cura) can I ask you a favor and help us review the cura resource files for the Mark2?

You'll find them here: https://github.com/foehnsturm/Mark2/tree/master/cura-resources

I've seen a few issues;

Creating a custom profile, after changing some settings in a default profile, will let you save it, but you can not use it again, when selecting it you see a dot before both the "default profile" and the "custom profile" but you never get the custom settings.

I've also seen the odd behaviour that all default profiles have a 0.1 layer height (fast/normal/high) when selecting a different profile some values change, but the layer height always stays 0.1

also tried the mark2 files in cura2.6, that was even worse, crashes all the time, suspect the recourse files contain errors....

Can you create a setup where the default profiles are available (from UM2plus) but you only see the custom profiles belonging to the selected printer?

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I'm seeing some minor issues with your definitions, but also some bigger issues when creating profiles for multiple extrusion printers in Cura. I will create an issue over at the github queue later on.

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@ahoeben , thanks!

@MarcoUbtz , In the meantime as a workaround you can just setup a profile the way you like, and save it as a project. Just do it without a model loaded.  Open your settings by loading the project file. Always use "open project" when you use "open file" the settings will not load.

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Hm, the issue is that in Mark2_for_Ultimaker2.def.json, it says

"quality_definition": "ultimaker2_plus"

. This means that the Mark2 can use the profiles for the UM2plus family, which is generally great because a lot of work goes into making those profiles.

Unfortunately, Cura gets quite confused when it tries to store a set of profiles for the Mark2 because the UM2+ for which it consequently tries to create a profile does not have extruders.

Maintaining a set of profiles that are 99% copies of the UM2+ for the Mark2 might be the only feasible solution for now. But let me sleep on that.

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