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Cura 2.6 - bogus M104 S200 after first layer prints, despite specified temperatures.

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When I slice something with cura 2.6, I seem to always get this code generated, approximately at the end of the first layer.


G1 X14.019 Y4.968 E252.99333G0 F3600 X14.106 Y5.055G0 X13.934 Y3.751G0 X13.879 Y3.697G1 F1800 X13.975 Y3.51 E252.99655G0 F3600 X14.024 Y3.559G0 X13.694 Y6.284G0 X13.479 Y7.04G0 X12.394 Y9.287G0 X9.554 Y14.079G0 X9.595 Y14.121G1 F1800 X9.464 Y14.272 E252.99915G0 F3600 X8.961 Y14.618G1 F1800 X8.869 Y14.526 E253.00204M104 S200G0 F3600 X9.064 Y14.618G1 F1500 E246.50204G0 F3600 X9.629 Y13.724G0 X9.867 Y12.998G0 X8.989 Y12.063G0 X5.332 Y-3.244;TIME_ELAPSED:197.720060;LAYER:1M140 S60M106 S204G0 F5400 X5.332 Y-3.244 Z0.4;TYPE:SUPPORTG1 F1500 E253.00204G1 F2700 X5.332 Y5.711 E253.13458G1 X5.273 Y5.718 E253.13546G1 X5.245 Y5.723 E253.13588


The specific issue is the M104 S200. The problem is that there is always an M104 S200 inserted here. This is not such a problem with PLA - as 200C is in the range of temperatures that will print, but when I try to print PETG or ABS, 200C is not hot enough to do a good job. I posted this in the CURA 2.6 thread but didn't get any answers, nothing to try etc. There I posted settings that never mentioned any temperature as cool as 200C but this was still there. I was printing PLA and I was trying to use 210C because I was pushing printing speeds - and it still dropped to 200. I will also add the entire settings group at the end of the post. I am willing to try and debug this.

Am I the only person who experiences this problem? This is on Windows 10, I have previously installed Cura 2.4 and Cura 2.5 on this system, I did not install any add-ons other than the ones that came with the install of Cura 2.6. If it matters, I am printing on a Delta printer, elliptical bed with X and Y equal at 280mm, and a Z of 550. 0,0 is bed center. I don't know what other things I could tell you that would help you diagnose this.

Currently I have to save to a file, manually edit to remove the M104 and continue. I only have one extruder, and I have custom begin and end code. See below. My gcode flavor is Repetier.


M80G4 P3000M104 S{material_print_temperature} ; preheat extruderM190 S{material_bed_temperature} ; wait for bed tempM109 S{material_print_temperature} ; wait for extruder tempG28 ;HomeG1 Z15.0 F6000 ;Move the platform down 15mmG92 E0G1 F200 E3G92 E0



M104 S0M140 S0G92 E1G1 E-1 F300G28 X0 Y0M84G4 P30000M81



;SETTING_3 {"global_quality": "[general]\\nversion = 2\\nname = empty\\ndefiniti;SETTING_3 on = custom\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = quality_;SETTING_3 changes\\n\\n[values]\\ncool_fan_speed = 80.0\\ncool_fan_speed_max = ;SETTING_3 100.0\\ndefault_material_print_temperature = 210\\ninfill_angles = [ ;SETTING_3 0,45,15,60,30,75]\\ninfill_pattern = zigzag\\nmaterial_flow = 89\\nma;SETTING_3 terial_print_temperature = =default_material_print_temperature\\nmesh;SETTING_3 fix_union_all = False\\nsupport_conical_enabled = True\\nsupport_enab;SETTING_3 le = True\\nsupport_z_distance = 0.5\\ntop_bottom_pattern = concentri;SETTING_3 c\\n\\n", "extruder_quality": ["[general]\\nversion = 2\\nname = empt;SETTING_3 y\\ndefinition = custom\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = normal\\next;SETTING_3 ruder = custom_extruder_1\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\;SETTING_3 n", "[general]\\nversion = 2\\nname = empty\\ndefinition = custom\\n\;SETTING_3 \n[metadata]\\nquality_type = normal\\nextruder = custom_extruder_2\\;SETTING_3 ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = ;SETTING_3 2\\nname = empty\\ndefinition = custom\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type;SETTING_3  = normal\\nextruder = custom_extruder_3\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\;SETTING_3 \n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 2\\nname = empty\\ndefiniti;SETTING_3 on = custom\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = normal\\nextruder = cust;SETTING_3 om_extruder_4\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[genera;SETTING_3 l]\\nversion = 2\\nname = empty\\ndefinition = custom\\n\\n[metadata];SETTING_3 \\nquality_type = normal\\nextruder = custom_extruder_5\\ntype = qual;SETTING_3 ity_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 2\\nname = e;SETTING_3 mpty\\ndefinition = custom\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = normal\\n;SETTING_3 extruder = custom_extruder_6\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\;SETTING_3 n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 2\\nname = empty\\ndefinition = custom\;SETTING_3 \n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = normal\\nextruder = custom_extruder_;SETTING_3 7\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion;SETTING_3  = 2\\nname = empty\\ndefinition = custom\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_t;SETTING_3 ype = normal\\nextruder = custom_extruder_8\\ntype = quality_changes\;SETTING_3 \n\\n[values]\\n\\n"]}


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I did a few tests but can't reproduce your problem. However, it looks like there is a problem with the 'Default Printing Temperature' setting. On my system that value is ignored and exports 200C instead.

As a workaround you might try:

  • Revert the Default Printing Temperature setting to the default value (use the round arrow symbol next to the setting field).
  • Set the 'Printing Temperature' to your desired value.

Just to be sure, Cura 2.6 isn't out yet. I believe you mean Cura v2.6-Beta?

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I have always suffered the same type of thing with 2.4R. The gcode always sets temp to 210, irrespective of what I have entered in the Cura settings. To be honest I have not spent much time trying to find where it is coming from as I just mod the gcode before the starting the print as I need to mod the gcode for the z-offset command anyway from modify printer settings bug in 2.4

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(Tried a reply and forgot to check the "Not a robot" box, so sorry is this is duplicated.)

Cura 2.6 has a lot of settings that are hidden and will assume a default value if another value isn't specified by the user (like "Initial Printing Temperature"). I would guess that that is where your M104 S200 is coming from. To track it down, open the Settings Visibility and do a search for Temperature, then check all of them to make them visible. Go back to your main page and look for a temperature setting with a value of 200. Change it to something more appropriate (like 220) and recompile. See if the M104 S200 is gone (and you find something like M104 S220).

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